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How Old Were You When You First Smoked Weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ILLUSIONisDope, Jul 25, 2011.

  1. How Old Were You When You First Smoked Weed? Just Curious. I Was 13 When I First Smoked Weed.
  2. I had a joint in my mouth when I came outta my mom.
  3. I was 13 when i hooked up with mary jane.
  4. 18...Narcotics binge at 19, full blown fear and loathing at 21.:cool:
  5. In the womb. Bitch.
  6. i think 15.
  7. i had a joint in my right hand and a lighter in my left when i exited the room, pretty much baked out my mothers placenta ;)
  8. 13, but started smoking regularly at 14

  9. ha im diggin that hippie smurf!
  10. 16 first time it was really shitty weed and honestly I did not feel anything.2nd time I tried weed when I was 24 and it was good.
  11. First time at 12.

    More or less every weekend by 15.

    Coupla times a week by 17.

    Daily by 19.

    Now 22 and trying to scale back to being a weekend warrior again for tolerance/supply sakes!
  12. I should add the reason I included all of those is due to each of them being a different "first time" with the lovely herb. If that makes sense...
  13. 20 first time. 34 the first time I really liked it.

    I'm a late bloomer :(
  14. I'm tired of these threads. But once again, 11 years old.
  15. I was 19 the first time I ever smoked. A late bloomer compared to my friends.
  16. 12 smoked regularly at 13. now im 19 and i smoke near daily
  17. 16 from a mexican named LaLo
  18. Sixteen with some douchey pothead kids. They used to do all of these dumbass weed things like, "if you chew on the last bit of the joint it gets you higher." Then I would try to argue it with science and they'd be like "no man trust me I always get higher."

    Dumbass weed kids, glad I smoke with nerds now.

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