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How Old were you when you first smoked cannabis?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Sozic, Mar 18, 2012.

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  1. I was 15. :smoke:
  2. 15, i feel like i started to young.. actually i know i did.
  3. 16,and will never forget how lifted i got...i mean straight GONE!!!!!
  4. I was 17, I smoked with my mate and I relieze today that I wasted SO much of his waste because I didn't inhale properly, I feel kind of bad.
    I got it right after 18(I stopped smoking after 1 or 2 tokes with him).

    I miss smoking :(! I'm trien alcohol now but it not the same!
  5. i was 15 too but i didnt really start smoking normally unti i was about 17
  6. 22 and I am happy I started later. I feel like I appreciate it more now than I would of at 15 or 16.
  7. I Don't really regret smoking that young, I was very strict on my sessions and still did good in school. so :smoke:
  8. 14, to be young and naive.
  9. 13 years old. Holy shit... I was really young!
  10. wow,some serious s#%& there bro,and im actually glad i did it early,was going thru some tuff times back then....
  11. 15 I think
  12. 19 but i wish i started a lot sooner. probably would've stayed in school because i wouldnt have hated it with a passion. plus i would've had a lot more smoking buddies. right now i only have 2...
  13. right when my pubes started blossoming
  14. 14. I smoked my first Jay before ever smoking a cig. I guess it's true, cannabis does lead to harder drugs like tobacco lol
  15. I was thirteen and had some cracked cancer mix with cannabis to have a bitch ready to stab her clit with some glass and shit. :smoke:
  16. Haha I was 13 and we made a bong out of a Mountain Dew 2-liter. I only smoked about once or twice a month from 13-20, but after I moved out on my own, I became an everyday smoker.
  17. 15 almost 16 made a bong out of a gatoraade bottle and a trumpet mouth piece
  18. 18, I'm kind of glad I waited until I was an adult.
  19. Started blazin at 14. XD
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