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How old were you the first time you got high.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by AveryThc, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. I'd like to know some of your first time experiences.
  2. 14 years old.

    First time was purple haze. I miss it
  3. 15 or 14. I think 15. I smoked a blunt of some really good stuff (he said it was Big Bud) with my friend, cause he was an expierenced smoker and I didn't know about the dosages. it was probably the highest I've ever been, pretty fun
  4. 5..........
  5. 15 or 16. I'm not sure which.
    Was working at McDonald's at the time and smoked this dope shit Called Utica B weed.
  6. 14 and loved it ever since :)
  7. 15. Smoked a joint with a friend and I never told him it was my first time!

    super harsh, and i must've looked like a fool...

    didn't get high
  8. 18. (Womp womp...)
  9. i was 14. me and a friebd scraped te resin out of his stepdads metal pipe. i got high the first time and never regreted it
  10. 10 mins after i got out of the womb...10 mins because it took me that long to roll my blunt.
  11. 10. Smoked some shit called Pumpkin Kush about a week or two after halloween. Didn't get high the first time but the 2nd-7th time was fuckin crazy.
  12. 17........ hahah.
  13. 13 my first time. Out in the woods with my friend out of a soda can.
  14. 15. threw my friend 5 and he smoked me out on a few bowls of sour d. him and his friend were pretty baked, but i wasnt high at all for some reason (and i know i was inhaling right; i smoked cigs without filters before that for the tobacco buzz). then we decided to head to another spot where we smoked another one. then it was like liftoff- i was walking around totally baked for like 2 hours. i was soo freaking high, never been that high since, a couple people walking by were like "wow look at those stoners, cant believe we have that shit right in our neighborhood".
  15. I was 13 years old, best high of my life too.
  16. idk, it was 6th grade....

    I was walking home and i saw a couple of older friends at the park... they called me over to the bench where they were sitting and asked if i could hang out . I responded "I got time to burn" and they started laughing, but i didn't get it and my friend asked "Wanna get high?" hahaha i was like "alright man!" and we smoked 8 bowls , pretty good bud, blazed my first time for sure .... when i was walking over the bridge i was thinking of the old school sonic the hedgehog game where pirranas jump up and bite ya, so i was scared to walk over, but i did and everyone was like "yeah! way to go will, you faced your fears! haha" it was crazy, i went home and was looking at a package of oreos and a bottle of coke, contemplating which to eat first.. I went w/ the oreos and regretted it because my mouth was too dry to swallow the oreos... I tried to jump a fence and fucked up and walked back to school and walked through the halls exploring

  17. How old are you?
  18. 18. Took two tokes from a bong and I was stoned for hours!

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