how old is your dealer?

Discussion in 'General' started by dezz, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. Mine is chill as fuck we smoke all day. He's like 30.
  2. one was 23, another 19 or 20, another was also 20, and another was about 50+
  3. 11, his alias is Dollarz DeLaney and he drives a fucking Lincoln Navigator.

    I swear to god.
  4. Main is 18, same as me.

    Other is 19.

    Other is idk lol.
  5. [quote name='"darksmoker"']one was 23, another 19 or 20, another was also 20, and another was about 50+[/quote]

    Wtf 50. Lol
  6. First was 28, next was I think 25, and current one is 19.
  7. All in their 20's or so, I don't ask questions
  8. mine's in his 30's. i thought he was like 25 though he looks so young lol.
  9. 20's, one was 16, one was 18, al are dumbasses too, I hate my dealers they lie about strain names all the time but its the only source i've got... :'(
  10. Current dealer is 22. Before that 17 (18 now, same as me). Before that I think 27.
  11. 17 current, once a 15 year old
  12. my current is like 22 lol not any older than I.
  13. My main dealer/connector is 19.
  14. 30+ 26+ I dont fool around with that lil kiddy dealer bullshit, Fuck that.
  15. i have a connect that is 20, 20, 21, and other is like 40ish and i once bought purp off some 12 year old
  16. He's 17 right now

    I'm 19

    So when I was Ila senior he was a sophomore

    That Lil fucker ran the high-school
    he always had the dankest
  17. My old dealers were around 30's and 40's.
    now I'm buying from a friend and his like
    20 yrs old, soon to be a father.
  18. 19, friends brother from hs
    40, uncle
  19. [ame=]smoking - YouTube[/ame]

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