How old is my banana? Old enough to cause damage?

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  1. I just jarred up my latest harvest. It was white widow x big bud. It was grown under an 315 cmh. While trimming i started finding bananas througout some of the buds. I dont recall any stressful moments. Before harvest i gave it a 48 hour dark out period. It hung whole for 10 days till it was dry enough to jar.

    I havent found any seeds in my buds. I dont see anything on other girls within the room. This is the third seed of white wido x big bud out of a three pack. I havent had any previous issues.

    So does it look like my bananas old enough to be dangerous?

    20190627_205206.jpg 20190627_205223.jpg 20190627_205245.jpg 20190627_205039.jpg 20190627_205033.jpg 20190627_205003.jpg 1561684039893.jpg
  2. I’d keep them away from females out of a sense of precaution.
    I’d pick out what you can and throw that stuff away, unless you want to breed.
    Just my 2¥
  3. I would also clean the room after the last girls come down cause chances are they’ll be the same way imo
  4. Pluck em all out an jar em separate jar from buds without
  5. Thanks for the feed back . I have done the clean up and separated the bananas seen in my dry bud.

    Im still wondering how old they look. Is there an time frame for banana development after a plant herms
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  7. I agree with the above in that any seeds will be female, and will add that those nanners there can show in days towards the end of flower. Seeds themselves usually take 3 weeks to develop inside live buds, so if your not seeing seeds in the buds that the nanners are on, I would say it's safe to say everything else will be unpollinated.
  8. But you also can’t forget, hermaphrodite genetics are more likely to pass the hermaphrodite trait on to the next generation
  9. These are end of flowers nanners though, not a genetic hermaphrodite.
  10. Sorry, didn’t mean for it to read that way.
    I meant if those nanners were matured enough to make seeds, then THOSE seeds would have more of a possibility of herming.
  11. Definitely not trying to argue, and I don't think he has anything to worry about, but that is how feminized seeds are made by forcing a female flower to pollinate itself, usually using colloidal silver, but it can be done by the plant naturally pollinating itslef.
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    Oh yes I am aware of how they’re made. But what I’m saying is what anyone will tell you, fems will always have a higher risk of running herms than reg seeds. Nothing outstanding, just a higher risk.
  13. Thanks man for the input. No seeds found so safe to go.
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