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How old, first puff??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by speatleysson, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. 17 for me, been a journey ever since..
  2. Yeah man i agree, like 13th birthday was when i toked my lil bro up, he was so fuckin excited it was fun as hell :D
  3. ahhh first time getting high was epic. 14.
  4. I was 16, i got high the first time, and when i did it, I knew Id be smoking for a while:smoking:.
  5. 13. Summer after 6th grade. Oh yea baby.
  6. First puff? 14.
    First high? 15. :|
  7. 13 and i remember it like it was yesterday
  8. #9 ashley4314, Feb 10, 2009
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    Sameee =] Well, not like its been that long.. I don't even turn 18 for a few weeks. But I'm glad I started now, all my friends are younger, and have been tokin since like 8th grade... I cant wait to be of age to go in a headshop and buy mad stuff soon- I really wanna RooR! :cool: Hehe i will be buyin stuff for allll my friends who are like, 15-16 yrs old.

    Oh yea, my first time tokin was also my first high- took me half an hour to get a good hit, but OMG that first moment of feeling high... so exhiliratingly incredible.
  9. In 7th grade. so in my case 12 I think. I found my brothers stash and had to try it.
  10. Hey ashley I think u are suppose to be 18 to be on this site. u might want to change ur post.
  11. 14 years old..never smoked anything so I didn't inhale properly for a long time..

    first time I was truely baked i'd probably say 16
  12. 15, my friend had some fucked up schwagg that had gotten wet, and rolled it up in some shitty ass school paper, went outside and smoked, throat burned so bad.

    went inside and watched a documentary about sasquatch so it was all good :smoking:
  13. I was toking as a fetus. The womb is a great place to hot box. :)
  14. First time i smoked - 13
    First high - 16 - i don't think i've ever smiled so much in my life than on that night.
  15. 17, thats when I also learned the media is a bunch of BS when it comes to weed propaganda
  16. Did no-one notice this?

    I had my first puff around my 14th birthday, maybe just before. And by 15 I was smoking everyday.
  17. First smoke- 14-15

    First high-16

    Smoking for 5 years and going strong.:smoking:
  18. 18.
    I was just never exposed to it.
    Then one day I was like - I want to get high, see what it's like.

  19. what a stupid


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