how old does this puppy look

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  1. how old do you think this puppy is? my guess is 5-6 months but im unsure

  2. I wouldn't buy it man, it's dead
  3. he's been mine for a while now, i just wasnt told his age when i got him. and in that pic he just got back from a 40 minute walk so he was pooped :D

    he's a healthy pitbull
  4. i honestly coulndt tell you from just a picture alone...

    but i get asked that kinda thing at my work all the time, same with breed, ect...
  5. I would guess maybe 3 months. Hes cute.
  6. i would guess 5-6 months as well, maybe 5-7.
  7. can vets tell a dogs age by size/weight? im taking him saturday so maybe he'll know.

    i dont even know what shots the lady said.. she said something about a fecal, deworming, a paparva or whatever and a temper shot for 100 dollars :eek: which is good i was expecting like 400
  8. Red Rocket Red Rocket!

    Is it a boxer or pit ?

    I'd guess about 3 months. The vet should know for sure.
  9. I have a puppy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D picture time!

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  11. I'd guess 2.5-3.5
  12. my instinct tells me that the only reason you put up this pic is so that we would see the dogs member. :ey:
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  14. Looks like hes a Boxer? maybe, with almost identical coloring as my English Bulldog. Either way I would say he looks 2-3 months old. Very cute pup as well.
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    That looks like a young pitbull mix to me....2 or 3 months maybe.

    It might not even be mixed. That dog looks just like my pit yoko. Paws hellah remind me of hers...


    Heres her at like 5 months she was 30 pounds then if that helps.
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  17. cute puppy

    but i got no clue. i'm not even exactly sure how old my dog is.

  18. he's pitbull

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