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How old do u have to be to be able to get a card???

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by royalt6820, Oct 10, 2008.

  1. I live in Michigan and we soon will bel able to smoke legally but i'm 19.
  2. In California there is no age minimums written into law, however no respecting doctor will recommdend you under the age of 18 without parental consent. Between 18 and 21 the scrutiny is higher as well, you may only be able to get a card for 6 months instead of a year to prove that you're a worthy patient.
  3. i heard michigan is voting on medical marijuana soon, hope it passes man that would be tight
  4. I think you guys seem to be missing something here.

    Medical Marijuana is NOT a license to smoke dope recreationally. It is an important therapeutic medicine that seriously ill people NEED to survive. So saying that the MMJ law in Michigan would be "tight" if it would pass is the wrong attitude to have. While the more states that get on board with MMJ is the best thing possible, PLEASE remember that the movement is primarily for very, very sick people, not stoners who want a get out jail free card.

    Personally I believe that MJ should be 100% legal in the first place, but I'm not going to do something stupid and get safe access removed for people who truly NEED MJ to survive on a daily basis.

    Rethink your priorities. If you're wanting MMJ to pass just so that you can smoke legally, you need to open your heart and mind.
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    MMJ in Michigan WOULD be tight...why would you disagree with that?

    Personally I believe that MJ should be 100% legal in the first place as well. Don't make assumptions about people you don't know. I don't think MMJ is a license to use MMJ recreationally, I think it's for people who need it.

    I use marijuana recreationally, and if my state (kentucky) had a MMJ program that would be so fucking awesome...but I wouldn't use it, I don't need it. I'll just keep using it illegally, because that's my only option, but for people who have a need for it...I think they have a right to use it
  6. California is the exception, not the rule, as far as MMJ programs in the US. A vast majority of MMJ users in California would not meet the requirements of most any other state with a program. Don't exploit the system.
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    u are kind of a fucking homo no disrespect

    No...it was disrespect. *RMJL

  8. Sure.
  9. im in michigan, you serious about it becoming legal here medically?

    you have like a link to a news story or something about this stuff?
  10. ok so i just went and did my research.

    theres gonna be a vote on it this november.
    like in the election.
    michigan is so fucking conservative where i am from.

    we need to start spreading the word in michigan and get this legalized!

  11. Actually,
    you are completely wrong
    People are forced into cheating the MMJ system to escape persecution
    Its not like MMJ patients get it for free or drain government spending,
    Feeding into the economy by buying legit medicine is better than
    dropping your money into your dealers pockets on every pickup...
  12. where do u live no one is conservative here u probuly live in bloomfield hills or something then bcuz all of downrier n detroit smokes even dearborn everybody pretty much all of the metro detroit area
  13. i live in west michigan.
    outside of grand rapids.
    theres churches everywhere.
  14. I wouldn't disagree with what you've said here, so how am I wrong? What I'm saying is that you need to respect the system for what it was intended to be, not what it has become. I know for a fact that there are legalized stoners, which is fine. What I'm saying is that if that's you respect the "Medicinal" part of Medicinal Marijuana.

    I personally believe that the law leaves a loophole when it says "and any illness for which a doctor may believe that cannabis can be therapeutic". That phrase makes it so that my recommending doctor can recommend that I use cannabis for my bad back and severe depression.

    And while I support the movement with my dollars, I never forget that there are people who have worse illnesses than I do and that cannabis is a requirement for their comfort and well-being in order to make live more tolerable. For them I treat MMJ with respect and do nothing to jeopardize other's safe access.

    Basically what I'm saying is that treat MMJ with respect because it's not YOUR safe access you need to be concerned about.
  15. I don't have a medical card as of now, I live in california, and I smoke marajahwawnah recreationally. I have had asthma since I was 5 and I've been doing my research and discovered that mmj helps people with asthma breath better, and I was recently smoking and discovered that this is true, should I attempt to get a medical card? or am I not worthy?:smoking:

    "I got this one nug, this frosty purple nug and it's big enough for everyone
    you know why? because everything is better with a bag of weed"-Me, just now
  16. you wouldnt be quilified. you would need: Anxiety
    HIV / AIDS
    Radiation Therapy
    Chronic Back Pain
    Migraine Headaches
    Movement Disorders
    Multiple Sclerosis
    Fibromyalgia well those are the main required ailments there are tons more you just need to do more research. i might be able to get a card i need to go back to the doctors to get tested for glaucoma more thoroughly even though he said i don't have there's still a possibility
  17. I am actually very interested in trying weed simply because of the medicinal affects for anxiety. (Yes, that's right. never smoked before) Probably the only reason, too. I may stay for the recreational use, though. :)
  18. haha one of my friends was supposed to go for his license for the same reason, either way youd be satisfied lol

  19. THANK YOU! :hello::hello:
  20. i smoke to help put me to sleep and to even me out through the day, i feel my best all day when i start off with a TINY bowl pack. i have frequent stomach problems which lead to diahrea (i cant spell it). smoking a little bit calms my stomach as well as evens my social mood out, makes it easier to talk to people at my job (retail).

    on the other hand i enjoy its psychological effects when i get fucking blazed, even when only kinda blazed, and why the fuck shouldnt i? i enjoy apples and they are good for me, i enjoy running and its good for me, why shouldnt i enjoy medicine? fuck that crap about changing the attitude, no one should have to change for shit, we all are here for one reason and one alone... we ENJOY the herb, no matter for what purpose we all enjoy it. other wise we wouldnt be smoking it now would we?

    i dont see why there should be any hostility about anything on this board concerning weed. it is nothing special, just another part of my life for me. when i wake up and pass my dad in the hallway with a bowl packed of some headies we stand and talk for a minute and go our seperate ways, regardless of the "illegal" substance in my hand that will get me "high".

    its only as big a deal as you make it guys, enjoy it but dont let it take you over.

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