how old are...

Discussion in 'General' started by al bundy, Sep 21, 2003.

  1. the people here?? not being rude, just curious of the age of tokers??
    me, 38 ,smoked first doobie when i was 14.

    MUST be over 18 to answer:D

    (asked this at a dss site the ages were wide 17 - 66)
  2. (Before everyone else starts answering, keep in mind that you have to be 18 to be here. I don't want to come back in this thread and see anything that says anyone is under 18.)

  3. i'm 118 the oldest toker on the planet.
  4. Saying I'm 18 sounds like I'm 13 and trying not to break the ToS, but I'm actually, seriously 18. No joke. I was born in 1984.
  5. obliv and zonedude, how long you guys been 18?
  6. 20....

    and may i remind all... rock the search option... there is at least 2 awsome threads on this topic...:D

  7. i didnt know this i was stoned and bored you can delete this thread if you want. like i said this was asked at a dss site.

  8. nah not a problem..... we just like people try to use it to save space.... plus bringing up old threads is good....... brush off the dust an they're good as new if not better......

    just look for try to make em better...:)
  9. shit im only 9... guess i should leave?

  10. ain't that the pot callin the kettle black....

    not like im one to talk..... sometimes the aim is to off set ssaid topic..... give it a lil spin..
  11. omg i don't know how u guys keep comin up with this stuff lmao!!

    i don't think i've replied to this one idk there have been a few threads like this but i hit my dirty 30's last feb.
  12. 50 already closed in on me and shut that door problem...happy to be here and still tokin'
  13. ANOTHER age thread? ... well... ok.

    i've probably aged since the last one i saw. lol.


    ok, now i feel young. (sory if that makes ya feel old zo' du'e)

    21. ... going on 18. ;)

    oh.. and incase anyone hasnt seen me write this else where.....

    toker till i die.

  14. me too zonedude - whatever 18 feels like (it's been so long)... :D

    i'll be ripening in Nov.
  15. 25 and still keeping it real. :D
  16. I'm 24, and I'm starting to feel old!! Help!

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