How Old Are You?

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    no real reason. just want to see what our statistics are.


    I am twentaaay.
  2. I turned 23 today.
  3. I'm fouw yeaws owd.
  4. 6 x Y = Z/2 = my age
  5. i didnt know the thread posted before the poll haha. anyways its up.
  6. Are those numbers in the metric system?
  7. Lol 18-20 then 21-35, that's a big jump....21 year olds are still college kids they aren't anything like middle aged people. But I'm 19 what do I know
  8. It is a pretty big gap. Especially since so many people are at different points in their lives between 21 and 35.

    Anywho I'm 26
  9. Just turned 21 :)
  10. You think you know everything but you know nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. i wasnt trying to get to know where people were at in their lives.... i was trying to see our age group here. and i did those numbers because i didnt want to put a ton of poll options.
  12. happy birthday man! may the herb be plentiful!:smoke:
  13. Older than dirt.
  14. I own 18 years.
  15. 18 as of May 30th.
  16. My birthday is also in May. No reason to bring this up, but I'm drunk, and high, and I just came down from a really awesome trip.

    I'm 20.

    I wonder if the one person (at the time of my viewing) that voted for "senior" really is such...
  17. 19 man.

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