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  1. about to start flowering 12:12. Small case of phos deficiency. Using coco coir and perlite with hydroponics flora micro, bloom, and gro. Waiting for cal mag to arrive.

    I'm a first time grower, so new to all of this! How often should I be watering at this stage
  2. dont you water like 2 times a day in coco?
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  3. I would toss the Coco and get some real grow soil. The coco is designed more for the hydro grower as a media for the plant. With a soil grow, you never water the plant till you can lift the container it's growing in and feel no weight. Weight is moisture still contained within the grow media. But from what I understand, the Coco doesn't hold any water. Get some real soil. TWW
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  4. Not sure if serious....
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    Wouldn't it be a perfect world if we all grew in soil like TWW - we could all yield her whopping 10oz. from 1000w light.
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    Oh she's serious - she says it all the time.
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    You should never just water coco. Coco should be fed daily - it replenishes the nutes and pulls in fresh oxygen to the root zone, which is essential for fast and healthy growth.
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  8. everyday, gotta get those old stale nutes out. They get used up and ph degrades. Best way to get them out is dump fresh ones on them, and make sure the fresh are exactly perfect for that plant. Coco is a sponge, it never dries out or should never dry out. The roots get oxygen from the fresh water. If you water with plain water you are just replacing old nutes with water. Forget the old nutes, start over everyday with a perfect mix of fresh nutes to surround the roots. Or at least that is the basic coco drain to waste idea. When I first started I fully expected my plant to die either from over watering or over feeding. Everyday a whole gallon full strength, you kiddin me? Once you've been freed from the cult it all makes perfect sense. ah, I'm just starting, so far so good.
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