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    I think the best way to solve cal/mag issues and give your plants a kick in the a** is to ammend the medium. I rarely have these issues but, ordered some Vermiblend if only for all the goodies it has.
    It's organic and I'm using synthetic ferts and will deplete the micro herd over time but, think I can get through most of my grow's with little to no cal/mag issues....
    Hopefully Just one less thing not to have to worry about and if need be one can use as a top dressing.

    Vermicrop Organics - VermiBlend
    A rich blend of compost, earthworm castings, humus, kelp and mycorrhizal fungi.

    Sextutor hard to tell if your problem is a cal/mag problem...Looks more like a ph problem to me..
  2. get yourselves some maxibloom and forget about the ca/mg problems
  3. what to you mean? how would u cut back cal in flower.
  4. i dont worry about cutting it out in flower. its also something ive never heard of anyone worrying about too much all the years ive been doing this until this thread

    check this thread out

    that site also has a CRAZY amount of coco info. its my home away from home
  5. well all I know is that if I use cal mag anywhere past 3 week of flower I get stunted buds, p lockout. and drove myself crazy trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. once I started cutting out cal mag in flower problems don't occur. and I am surprised that icmag has nothing on it, if I remember correctly I read a lot of posts where people couldn't figure out what was going on in late flower. yellow spots , curled up dead leaves .blah blah blah
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    Cola farmer, you'll like the vermi blend. Especially compared to the Vermi-T but it's a solid base for flowering (a bit rich in K for veg by my taste). you will have far less issues and consider replacing dolomite lime with oyster shell powder or gypsum, and K mag. the gypsum and K mag will have more salt that could react with bottled nutes, but If you need micro's just amend with kelp and alfalfa meal. alfalfa is hot unless you mix it with your compost for a few weeks. glacial rock dust will also do well if you can source it. Also find your craigslist worm casting farmer. you can also aource the sort of amendments at your country and horse feed store products.htm

  7. No deff. not a ph problem. She was hungry i believe. I just fed straight r/o water pd'd to 5.8 to a hashberry that seemed to be getting nute burned and the other 3 got my concoction of 1tsp FF Grow Big and 14ml full strength of AN's Iguana Juice Grow. Hope they work well together. I love FF its always done me good. So i figured a tsp wouldnt hurt cuz a regular FF feeding is 3tsp's.

    Wish i i did have Maxi Bloom but i think ill be making another concoction of AN's Iguana Juice Bloom, FF's Tiger Bloom, and Atami's Bloombastic towards the final month of flowering...all in moderation ofcourse.

    Any opinions on this nutrient feed guys? Id really appreciate the feedback. :wave:
  8. Just adding roughly a quart to a gallon of coir for soil texture and a good kick start. Will be using xtreme Gardening mycos wp as a drench and applied to the roots at transplant. I should add some Rock Phosphate but, didn't order any....
    Using cns17, so not an organic grow but, should help keeping plants healthy through most of the grow...
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  10. I guess I should re word it as cut back the cal in flower not cut it out coml=pletely when in coco, cause of the way cal acts with the coco.
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  12. so if you guys are cutting back the cal mag in flower what application rates are you going with.I never add more than 1/2 tsp per gallon and usually use it with every watering.should i be cutting my application rate down??

    i didnt hear that it could cause problems in flower.If your using cal mag is it pointless to use epsom salt as well.sometimes i ll also had a very small amount of epsom to the water as well bc i know mj tears up mag especially in coco.
  13. Use cal/mag during veg and that should carry you through flowering. After that, a pinch(1/8 tsp)of epsom salt per gallon for mag....
    You should be good with what your doing...
  14. The amount of Calcium you supplement has more to do with the nutrient system you're using. As an example, CNS17 Coco/Soil Bloom already contains more Calcium than any other element in the bottle, and a higher calcium percentage than even a calcium supplement. So, rather than adding 2.5ml of Cal-Mag Plus this grower could add maybe 1-2ml of their Bloom nutrient instead.

    Other systems, like say Pure Blend Pro, are going to require upwards of 5ml to get the calcium level balanced.

    The best thing to do is to calculate your ppm levels. 1% of 1ml in 1 gallon equals 2.654ppm. I try to keep my calcium level around 120ppm in late veg then scale it back to 80ppm for early flowering down to 60ppm for late flowering.

    Adding in Epsom Salt can be a life saver when trying to change the fixed ratios of Magnesium to Calcium/Potassium. Somewhere between 1/4 teaspoon and 1 teaspoon per 5 gallons is a healthy supplementation. 1 gram of Epsom per gallon of water adds a little more than 25ppm. The proper levels for Magnesium, I think, is around 20ppm to start gradually increasing over the course of the grow to 60ppm. Usually I keep my Magnesium ppm and my Phosphorus ppm pretty close, as one increases so does the other usually.
  15. cool thanks for the info.I really have to get a ec/ppm reader.Is it a problem to use a small amount of epsom in conjunction with a small dose of cal mag or should you do one or the other when watering and mixing up the nutes.
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    SCMC-----When you are running Cutting Edge Micro Bloom and their additives, what additives are you speaking of? I am using factory suggested amounts of Cutting Edge Micro-Bloom plus their additives (Plant Amp,Mag Amp) at 950 ppms, 5.8 Ph. After five or six days my ppm runoff is up to 1300-- ph 6.1--- I flush sixty gallons of media with a hundred gallons of quarter strength nutes, ppm runoff drops to 400ppm or so ph 5.9--I am in the fourth week of flower drain to waste, allowing ten-twenty per cent runoff. Any idea why my runoff is consistently high? Plants appear healthy except for yellowing leaves. Also what would you suggest as an iron supplement? Any feedback will be greatly appreciated.
  17. I am talking about Plant Amp, Mag Amped, and Uncle John's Blend. I also do a little tinkering to get the element levels dialed with a few off-brand supplements.

    PPM talk is extremely inaccurate due to conversion ratios. Always refer to EC when discussion solution concentration to ensure we are talking about the same thing.

    I am not sure how you are getting your pH to 5.8. With their system, and especially with the Plant Amp, the measured pH directly after mixing should be somewhere south of 5.0pH. I have seen it as low as 3.8pH before. This indicates to me that you are altering the pH level of your solution with an adjuster, which is not what CES (or myself) recommends.

    Simply put, your plant doesn't need that much food. I might push 1.8ec around the peak of flowering in coco on this system, and you're in week 4 so definitely close, but for most of the grow 1.2ec to 1.5ec is the nutrient strength I run.

    I notice that CES flushes more readily than other nutrients I have used. Try alternating full-strength and half-strength solutions every other day to keep the buildup to a minimum, and also reduce your solution strength by probably 10-20%. Rinsing the media is no trouble with CES but you probably should be pulling in closer to 30% runoff if you're noticing dramatic increases of the runoff EC.

    Another thing to consider is the Electrical Equilibrium of the Cation Exchange Capacity. Think of the plant and the media like weather systems. One is a high pressure, the other is a low pressure, and elements flow from high to low. You need to maintain the elemental "pressure" in the media or this can cause a reverse process and pull elements out of the plant to maintain an equilibrium. Right now it sounds like you are high-lowing your girls and this might become problematic. The half-strength feedings will help remove the buildup from the previous day but without upsetting the cation exchange.

    My Advice: incorporate half-strength feedings alternating with full-strength, increase your runoff to 30% (at least on full strength days), and to stop adding any sort of pH adjusters.

    At this stage of the game you shouldn't need an iron supplement but CES micro has all you need anyway. It contains twice the iron of Cal-Mag Plus and more than one chelator (there's EDTA and two others I think).
  18. holy holy holy awesome. This thread is old but im glad its here! I just went into flower, about 2 weeks ago and have been going heavy on the cal mag. Gonna flush and her so i dont get the lock out.
  19. everytime everytime cal mag+
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    Now THAT is some correct azz information!  Well done...

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