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  1. so I've been talking to a girl for 3 weeks now. we started out just texting and talking on the phone a little and then shed mention how I'd never talk to her in the halls when I saw her so I started going to her classes to talk before they started and I've been doing it twice a day for a week now probably. we aren't dating or anything but it's obvious she likes me. sometimes I just go to only one of her classes each day but I'm thinking I shouldn't be seeing her everyday and to just go to her class every other day. I've been seeing her right after school and some days I give her rides home.

    I don't want to take things so fast with her and give her the impression that I'm clingy so I would just love some advice on how often I should talk to her. she got her phone and facebook taken away too so the only way Ive been able to talk to her is in school.

    thanks for any help.
  2. i dunno kinda seems like your in the friend zone. make a move asap and see whats up and if you are,move on.
  3. No offense but in High-school its hard to judge a girls actions, things change a lot out of highschool and when sex is getting involved.

    just be cool, talk to her as if shes a friend but also keep in mind to flirt with her like shes not a friend. See what im saying? Talk to her as much as you would any other friend, but dont talk to her like she was a friend or you will get put in a friend zone.

    If shes more mature shes gonna want to hang out of school and take things slow as well. But a little word of advice, texting and facebook ruin relationships. Dont base anything off a phone, the less you guys text the more you'll have to talk about person to person.

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