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How often should the weed man re-up?

Discussion in 'General' started by iGhostSmoke, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. I'm very anxious to know this because on Christmas Eve I had hustled my ass off to get $50 for a quarter an for the 1st time ever I hit up my new dealer an he said he out an gotta re-up I was so fuckin pissed an bummed cuz I wanted to be totally stoned throughout the holidays so tht left me wonderin how often should or does the weed man re-up? cuz I dnt want this to happen again especially with 4/20 comin up.
  2. They should always be on; find a new dealer.
  3. i always try and be considerate and let my guy know a day ahead of time that i am looking to buy some
    i tell him what i want and we agree on a time and have eevrything set up the day before

    all i gota do is drop him a message and tell him im on my way
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    It's a balance between reputation (for being on all the time) or just profit. The less often they re-up, the more bulk they can buy, the less cost for them, the more they can pack you up. Some dealers keep 1-2 ounces at all times, others don't re-up until they're down to their last gram. Just try and give them as early warning as possible (1-3 days before is good) about what u need so they can plan their inventory imo.
  5. If it's someone who is strictly a dealer to me, I'll ask when he's getting more (or they just tell me before I ask), or I hit him up the next day.

    If it's from a friend I mention I'm gonna try to buy some soon towards the end of my sack and then they hit me up when they go to pick up
  6. The dude should always be good if he's a serious business man.
  7. You clearly don't know how much weight that is...
  8. Dealers want to have a holiday too.

    They get annoyed when you ask them for bud over the holidays generally.

    They are people too, with lives of their own.

  9. Hahaha!

    Do tell us about it, good sir!
  10. Cool story Bro! Do a LIL reading son!

  11. you can get a kilo of jane in the r.g. valley for $225. in fact, the cartels sell weed by kilos, not pounds
  12. It really depends on the dealer, there's no set of "rules" for this sort of thing...

    If you want a dealer who's always holding, find a dealer who's always holding.
  13. Easier said then done pal. Smh.

  14. Yeah, it's not easy. But your dealer is not a cashier at Walmart. He's holding when he's holding, he's not when he's not. If you have a problem with him not having product for you, then either find a new dealer or quit complaining. :confused_2:
  15. Err'day if he's moving enough weight.
  16. Well honestly I don't consider you a real "drug dealer" until your working out of a qp. Other than if you got a zip or two and Sold it all in g bags; that whole selling out of a single zip is highschool shit. With that said a good dealer will reup as soon as he has the funds so hes always holding; this also helps with variety the more you reup the more strains ect.

    It's nice dude i get from now works out of hps and Elbows so he's rarely ever out and if by chance he is he'll dip into his personal stash and Hook me up. I loving having went to middle / highschool with that dude.

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