How Often Should I Water

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by MOTABOY!, Jun 13, 2008.

  1. I Just Remembered I Germanated A Seed And Found Out It Worked So I Made A Lil Grow Box In My Closet And Got A Light On It And What Not

    I Was Wondering How Often Should I Be Watering This?
    And How Long Should I Keeep The Light Onn And How Long It Should Be Off?

    Any Help Would Be Wonderfull
  2. before growing you should of read all you can, but anyways stick your finger in about an inch if its dry water if is moist leave it.

  3. Yeah I Shud =/
    Thanks Much
  4. i water mine every 2 days it all depends on what heat your runnin runnin 30 celsius all the time but now have added another light so thatll probably go about 35 now but fan will cool it down on timer.......i agree with the dipping ya finger in a inch and feeling but ull soon notice when it wants water cos the leaves will droop... once watered it springs into life:)
  5. Watch out over watering causes droops to.

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