How often should I water plants while in party cups

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  1. My plants are 10 days old and been watering them every other day. Is that too much? too little?
  2. hey im doing this project first time as well , i also have it in party cup , i made few holes in the bottom and throw few small rocks in so when i water it and if its already moisted soil , the rest of water will drip off in the bottom , And i water my plant 2 times per day , in the morning and evening
  3. Both you are over watering, i am at 11 days, you want to water with about 200 ml of water , or until its antiquity watered , then let it dry out for 2 days, then water it, mist the leafs a few times a day too.
  4. you are all over-thinking it.

    stick your finger into the soil an inch or two. if its dry, water it. if its moist, leave it be.
  5. I forgot to add that in.

    not all soils are the same with that though i find, even if its dry only two inches down, sometimes its still really wet down at the bottom , i discovered this when i transplanted.
  6. Agree with GhengisChron. Use that method throughout the plants life. When it's thirsty, water it.
  7. thats why i drilled few holes in the bottom and put few rocks in there , then soil , so waisted water can get out :)
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    im in my first grow as well and im just past the party cup stage (transplanting today), and my advice is to only water when the soil looks dead dry.
    If you question whether or not the soil needs to be watered, DONT! It definitely has a certain look when its time to'll know it when you see it.

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