How often should i water my plants?

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  1. Right now i water them twice a day with no nutes. They're really small and have some brown blotches on them as well as some yellow leaves. I should also probably mention that they're planted in soil from my backyard. What do i do?
  2. Some backyard`s natural dirt arent the best to use. Where I live in NorCal we have really good natural dirt for growing but I till amend it with some perlite, good potting soil and some horse manure compost. Usualy start nutes around 2 weeks or so or when they are on their first or second set of 3 bladed leaves. Can you post some pics, how old are they, are you PH testing and adjusting the water going in and testing the PH of the run off water?
  3. You are overwatering. You should be watering every two to three days, or more.
  4. yeah you should probably invest in some better soil at some point.. makes all the difference for your grow. you should probably only water when the soil looks bone dry at the top, which should be a couple days at least. watering it twice a day is probably whats causing the brown splotches and that stuff
  5. Well, i live in Miami FL. I keep my plants outside on my roof and dont really test the pH. So far, they seem to be doing okay but i cant help but feel like somethings wrong. They're still pretty small and its been about three weeks. This is what im looking at right now, [​IMG]
  6. Your pics arent showing up just little red X`s.
  7. Should be able to see them now

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  8. Your starting to get your first set of 3 bladed leaves but your first single bladed leaves and the two smaller round ones shouldnt be dieing off just yet. Do you leave it outside overnight? Also I would try to get some good potting soil and its getting to the point that you want to start testing and adjusting the PH of the water going in and testing the PH of the run off water comming out, that is important in container growing even if in natural dirt and outside. For watering stick your finger in the dirt about 1/2-1 inch down and if it feels dry then its time to water. The yellowing could be caused by a number of things, PH is off and locking out the natural nutrients in the dirt, the dirt doesnt have alot of natural nutes in it to begin with. Your gonna get out of it what you put into it. If you can afford to spend some money on a cheap digital Hanna or Milwaukee PH tester, some calibration solution, some PH Up and Down solutions, some good potting soil and cheap nutes you will have alot more healthier and happier plant and will get alot more out of it. Also clear growing containers arent the best choice if light hits the roots and the soil stays damp with warm temps that can promote mold growth in the soil.
  9. man, i really can't help you and i apologize for the useless response, but i thought for sure this post was entitled "how often should i wear my pants?" hahaahha. im highhhh :smoke:
  10. Yea, they're left out overnight. I'm getting some quality soil at Home Depot right now so, any brand names you guys can throw at me?
  11. the best way to tell every time when to water is just by picking up the pot and doing it by the weight. its easy just water your plants good then let it sit for a minute then pick it up (it will feel heavy) then every day after that pick up the pot and when it feels like nothing is in it water it it.

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    Your reply wasnt useless you covered one of many important aspects to growing healthy plants. I was just trying to help cover some other aspects and give some ideas. I kind of rambeled on a bit to much at the start and went beyond what he was initaily asking, sometimes I do that shortly after waking up.
  13. Twice a day is WAY to much water.

    Let the soil dry out all the way before watering.

    Under-watering is better than over-watering

  14. If your limited to Home Depot probably the Kellogs brand in the link below. There are better soils at the hydro and gardening stores but they cost more. Last year for my outdoors I just used some cheap Sta Green potting soil from Lowes mixed with some dirt and horse manure compost. For indoor grows I use the more exspensive soils from the hydro shop. What are your night time temps where you live?

    Kellogg Patio Plus 1.5 cu. ft. All-Natural Outdoor Potting Soil - 681 at The Home Depot
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    Well, i just picked up some organic soil, some perlite, blood and bone meal, and bloom booster. What do you think? [​IMG]
  16. Sounds good. But, if the perlite is from miracle grow, give it a good wash before you use it.
  17. What are your day and night time temps. Seedlings are more sensitive to temp swings then an established plant. To hot and it will die fast and told cold the same thing and if the temp swing between day and night is to much it will have stunted growth.
  18. Well, the temps have been changing a bit lately. My plants are also really short and have stayed short for a while now. If my plants growth was stunted, would that diminish the yield? And if so, by how much? I just want to be able to harvest some bud. I really want these plants to make it!
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    I always start my plants inside then when they are past the seedling stage and bout 6 inches tall or so I take my time about 2 weeks acclimating them to the outside temps when getting ready for my outdoor summer grows. If the night time temps are in the 60`s I wouldnt put them outside. If they get to cold and survive they may have stunted growth, grow more slowly and in the end may end up producing less. As for yield thats a guessing game especialy when their still seedlings. Do you have a Netflix account? If so then rent the Jjorge Cervantes 3 disc grow dvd set theres alot of good info and you can see and hear what some people talk about here. YouTube is also a good place to find beginner growing videos, reading is one thing but being able to watch the advice being given is just one more learning tool to take advantage of.
  20. What the fuck do i do?!

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