how often should i water my plants

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  1. Hi I'm wondering how.often I need to water my plants this is my first time growing in soil as I use to grow in a four pot Wilma system which is hydroponics so.I am kinda clueless to how.often I should be doing it currently my plants are no taller than 5 inches and I'm feeding them every three four days.

    I am.growing in plagron batmix
  2. Lift the pot. If it feels light, water it. Takes a little while to get used to but once it becomes habit it is the easiest way. You can even do it in a scrog if you are careful.
  3. I'm a noob myself, but from what I have read about every 3 days or so. But they say to feel the top layer of the soil. If it's dry by touch, it's time to water.
  4. In my five gallon buckets under two six hundred watt hps lamps at seventy five degrees the first three weeks take about five days Inbetween waterings. But as they get bigger it takes less time. Now that my plants are thirteen days into flower they need water every three days. I wait till the soil starts to pull from the side of the buckets.
    If you add perlite to your mix it helps with drainage and makes it near impossible to overwater.

  5. Do not go by the top layers fellas. The problem with judging by the top layer is that's the first part to dry out because its closest to the light and gets air easily.
    Cut a hole at the bottom of your buckets and jam a finger in at the bottom because you can have totaly dry soil up top and straight deadly mud at the bottom. Your best checking by weight of the bucket and a hole at the bottom.
  6. Thanks ill try the weight thing next time I water them for future reference and hope it all works out for me. I am planning on transplanting them into 11 litre pits in a week or so.
  7. does this seem to be less of a concern with Smartpots?
    watering is actually terrifying the first few times - I'd say that's my number one worry at this point (7 days into soil)
  8. I was gonna say same exact thing.:D
  9. there is no certain time..differant for everybody..pot size, soil mix, temps ...when ur pot is light & dry, water

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