How Often Should I Water and Use Nutrients

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  1. I have five, five gallon pots, how often should i water and how much wateer? I also have Flora Nutirents: Gro, Bloom, and Micro. How often should i give them nutrients?
  2. i give mine nutes every watering. i only give the micro once a week at 1/2 does
  3. A often asked question...watering is easy. Pick up the 5 gallon pot wet and dry. When its dry its ultra light means time to water, when you pick it up and its heavy then dont water. There is a dramatic difference between the two and youll figure it out. At first you wont have to water much but as your plant grows you might have to water every day or other day. Right now on two on my plants I am watering everyday. The others about twice a week. On my new ones like once every 5-7-8 days. Its variable.

    On nutes it all depends how often your watering which towards the end can be alot. I nute about every 4-5 days. They say as a rule of thumb that you should not water every time your watering if your watering a lot towards the end.

    You also wont have to give your plants nutes till 3rd or 4th week. Also make sure your pot has holes drilled in it to let the water run off.
  4. When i started my current 2 flowering ladies, I over watered and over feed!!!, As I have read about a thousand times its better to under water and under feed than to over. LED plants use less water

    Just my noob opinion

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