how often should i fert..

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by skully, Jun 25, 2003.

  1. my plants with 10-52-10 or can i use my 20-20-20 ferts now?There 8 days into flowering ,i gave them some 10-52-10 about a week before flowering.
    And am i supposed to use epsom salts now?
  2. firstly, check the ph of the medium.....if all is well, then add some of the 10-52-10.........Peace out.......Sid
  3. my ph is at 6.5(which is slightly acidic according to my chart)
    so i do what now?
  4. Lime brings it back up. Am i right sid its kinda 3:00, my eyes are seing all blurry :p
  5. yip....even though your tired you got it add some lime to the the powder type, and not the fruit.........Peace out........Sid

    ps 6.5 isnt too bad.......bud add some lime anyway, as when you add fert the ph will go down.
  6. thanx guys.:)
  7. "ie the powder type, and not the fruit"
    lol... thats good how many kids do you think squezed out a lime to change the ph!
  8. how much lime dolomite do i ad to my 4 gallon pots?
  9. I would sprinke some on top and water then keep doing this every watering till the ph is right on. But soil ph isnt as important as hydro ph and nut lock dosent occur until your at the extremes of acidity and alkiline. UNIOT has a grah of nute abdorbancy vs ph for hydro and soil, He posted it i saved it and forget where i hid it in my bros computer. so uniot or anyone else who has it, if you can post the graph again.
  10. was it this one?.......Peace out.........Sid

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  11. yep thanks!

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