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How Often Should I Clean My Bong Water?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Calii Budz, May 19, 2013.

  1. I smoke outta my bong every day. I don't clean it like I should tho. I just change the water when it starts tasting funny. Prob every 2 weeks, but some ppl do it daily lol

  2. I have smaller bong and I did notice something. ...odd...

    One time I was getting sick hours after taking a hit. Real real sick took me 3 weeks to notice that when I took some hits , little pieces or tar or goo build up or w/e its called used to get pushed up little by little and when water was no longer hitting it, it started to dry up. So when I took big hits. Water would hit this dry tar goo black thing and spread it in the air (inside the bong) and into my mouth.

    Even after feeling sick. I still took bong hits, trying to figure out if it was the weed or something else. It got so bad, I got so sick that I stop smoking for a week. Still felt sick.
    (I've been accidentally ingesting pieces of this tar thing for 3 months).

    I cleaned my bong sold my left over weed. Brought new buds. 3 and 1/2 months later, same fucking issue. Long ass story short, one day had a date. So I took a hit and brushed my teeth. I have a habbit of rinsing mouth in water while I'm putting paste on my brush. When I spit I notice tiny littllittle black dots....eventually I suspected my bong. So I took my shirt, covered the mouth piece and sucked in. BOOM, finally solved my mistery stomach pains. The shirt was covered in these tiny vanilla bean like dots. I clean my bong every 2 1/2 weeks with basic rubbing alcohol and salt (it works) and I use "grudge Off" (amazing stuff) from time to time when I want a deep clean.

    I haven't felt sick since.... I hope someone can use my internal-weed-investigation and put it to good use (safety and cleanest)

    Grunge Off is a bit pricy either it self or with shipping. But its worth it and REUSABLE!
    This product should win awards just by its reusable and working solution to clean glass bongs, bubblers, pieces (spoons, etc) (I love glass products)

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  3. I clean my bong every 4 cones, 6 MAX, anything over ruins the product completely.
    Use eucalyptus oil or tea tree oil to bring your bong back to new every 2 weeks.
    If you use hot water everytime (4-6 hits) and thouroughly wash it, procceeded by cold water to cool it back off, dried off, then filled with cold water to the right amount, you'll be laughin.
    Trust me on this one, its not worth smoking it if you cant taste it/feel it, and your world record on the dirtiest water sounds ridiculous.
    Turns solid after smoking 60 or so bowls anyway, too much resin/tar content.
    Clean it now bruth!

    Clouds :bongin:

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  4. Wait, you're supposed to clean your bong water?

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