How often should I be watering my seedling

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  1. Hey guys
    I have a week old plant that has 3 nice leaves and one shitty brown one. The seed is still on one of the leaves. The shitty one is in the front of the plant if you look closely, it's small. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1412737556.969283.jpg

    I posted earlier this week asking if I should be worried and someone answered with: no it's okay, but leave the plant alone for a few days, don't water it, it needs to dry out so its roots can grow by searching for food... So I haven't watered it all day
    and I'm wondering what I should do?
    NorthEastStoner, looks like the soil you're using is light and has plenty of aeration (ie. perlite). That should make it a little harder to overwater. The most common mistakes that new growers make is to overwater and overfeed their little girls. I'd say you're a step ahead of most.  Make sure the soil is moist but not wet. You can stick your finger down in the soil about an inch or so to see how dry or moist it is.
    If you're going to transplant to a bigger pot I would recommend that you use a fabric pot like the ones smart pot makes. It's difficult to overwater with that style of pot...Good luck..SW
  3. I would water once, maybe twice a week. Enough to get runoff, or just get the soil nice and wet if you can't check the runoff. This way, the plant can get good water, but at the same time, the roots can stretch and grow. Weed plants like dry periods. So that is why if you water once, maybe twice, a week you'll be good.
  4. I water my seedlings/clones maybe twice before I transplant them, I've found that too moist of soil can stunt growth during the first few weeks. After that I water when the plant is thirsty(you should be able to tell)
  5. Contradicting answers considering about once a day I stick my finger an inch down and it's dry so I water it. I'm not watering the plant that much each time I do it. I have a spray bottle that also has a stream setting so I gently moisten a circle with an inch radius around the plant.

    It's actually already in my final pot and it's a huge ceramic one that I had 2 pepper plants in during the summer. I decided to not transfer since I'm using an a quick auto flowering plant and I've been told that with an 8-9 week plant I'll be better off letting it form roots in its final pot early in its life.

    I think I'm going to water when the soil is dry but once or twice a week leave it dry. Good idea?
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    By the way I've been doing 24 hour light of a thin cfl "full spectrum" bulb that's 2.5-3 inches from the plant. Humidity is between 60-70% and I haven't checked in awhile but the temperature is most likely between 70-75
  7. Water everytime the top of the soil gets dry and crusty.
  8. no just water every 5 days but a good fair amount¬
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    N,E,S, Since your pot is so large you're not going to have to water very often, at least not until the plant gets a little bigger. Id' say just make sure it's moist and maybe focus the waterings at the base of the seedling until it gets bigger. The finger an inch down will let you know how moist the soil is under the surface where the roots are growing.
    Also I wouldn't get caught up in how many times to water per week, I'd focus on how moist the soil is and water accordingly...Hope the helps you out...SW
    Another thing to consider is that auto strains don't get very big and in a big pot it won't use up the water very quickly...something to think about as it gets bigger...SW
  10. So it seems like everyone really has there own opinions on this. But since I assume everyone is speaking based on experience, I'm not worried and I'm just going to water a fair amount when the soil is dry

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