How often outdoor plants need to be watered

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  1. I might put my plants in a spot that requires a 10 min hike uphill. Just wondering how often they need to be watered to know if its practical or not.
  2. In the heat of summer about twice a week. They need a lot of water too. Hope you gota water source nearby.
  3. it depends on the sun exposition, your soil mix and if you have mulch on top etc...
    South facing (8 hours direct sun about) spots with mulch need water every week. 1 gallon per week. With crystals and mulch, it's 1 gallon per 12 days about. Spots that force you to haul water up can be a lot of work (avoid if possible but worth it if it's well hidden and a good spot that'll harvest.
  4. Yeah its gonna suck lugging water there but it should be worth it.
  5. how many plants you got
  6. This is gonna be one hell of a workout =)
  7. I did that shit last year. The worst part was worrying if my weed was gonna get ripped off.
  8. I have 5 patches of 10 and am going to plant another patch 5 patches of 10 this next week, and am watering 2 gallons a plant and have to lug 100 gallon up a hill about 200 yards from the watering source it sure is fun, and a hell of a leg workout, i can only carry 10 gallon at a time, then it just gets to heavy, and I tire to fast. I use 2 duffle bags, and put 5 one gallon jugs in each one. I need some 55 gallon drums and need to make a gravity feed or get a portable pump or something
  9. i watered two days ago, and today they were already starting to droop, giving my big one about a gallon every 2 days, it's the only one in a pot, smaller ones are getting about a half gallon every 3 days or so as of right now... it's been 100+ the last week or so however...

    here's a size reference... ~1 gallon every 2-3 days..

  10. get yourself a motorcycle battery, a water pump that will take a garden hose fitting. and a couple 100 feet of hose. just take the battery out with you every time to charge it.
    i use to use one all the time. still hard work, but will make it some what easier.
    i have one spot that all the water dried up. what a pain.

  11. Will you be offended if I call you a Goddam Genius been trying to figure out how to set this up, thought about a gravity feed, looked into portable pumps etc
  12. it works great. i wish i could remember what pump i used. maybe google 12v water pumps and see if that helps
  13. lol that's awesome, great idea :)

    fuckin mcguyver grows outdoors apparently ha
  14. Do some endurance training and carry the water.
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    I think it depends on where you are because my plants are in the ground and it hasnt rained for almost 3 fucking weeks now and they are still fine.
  16. [quote name='DrGr33nThumb215']Will you be offended if I call you a Goddam Genius been trying to figure out how to set this up, :hello::smoke: lmao

  17. more like a god, check out his grows
  18. about once every three days
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    I water my plants when they start to droop. I beleave the roots grow better this way seeking and searching for water. This method also lets me never overwater any strain.

    Hard to say when any plant will need water. I have some that need it every 2 days. And others that can go 4 days. All with the same soil mix. So with this method I can lock in all my plants needs. And never worry about over watering. Also perlite will effect when plants will need water. And if they are it pot or the ground.

    I have 12 plants. All need water at different times. Full sun plants need it more than the same sister in part shad. I quess what I am saying is. Let the plant tell you when it needs water. Never just guess.

    Thats in my backyard though. You bush growers play another game.

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