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how often is it "safe" to take ecstasy?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Leonidas, Jul 1, 2008.

  1. i heard some people say to wait a few weeks to months between rolls, but i was just wondering what the consensus on frequency of rolling without negative side effects or becoming an "e-tard" would be
  2. It's affects head down hill after using it too much constantly. (As expected.) I usually take at least 4-5 day breaks between. That's just me personally though.
  3. MDMA loses its charm fast for some people and not for others. I would say way a month in between to have the best experiences with it, but it varies person to person, everything in moderation.
  4. I know a girl who wound up rolling every weekend for several months straight and she's now on antidepressents. I'm not trying to scare you away from ex; it's really rather safe if you're careful about it and it's on my personal to-do list. But it's also a possibility that you will become psychologically addicted if you let it become too much of a regular thing. And, as people have said, the first few times tend to be the best and it often starts to slowly go downhill from there.

    I would suggest making sure that the only times you do ecstasy are times when it has the potential to make an awesome experience even more awesome, so you get maximum enjoyment out of it. Don't use it for the sake of using it but rather use it to supplement potentially awesome social situations.

    Wait a few months in between - make it a few-times-a-year sort of treat, maybe?
  5. once every 1-2 months for you not to be an etard. but for me it used to be an everyday thing. damn. now i want to roll again.
  6. every hour and a half until youre well into the dozen+ range.

    i havent found any negative consequences arising.

    your experience may differ.
  7. i took enough to be what is considered an e-tard. it just made me roll for a week after i stopped. all i had to do is smoke a little bit of weed or take a pain killer and throw some good music on and my roll would keep coming back, something like a 'shadow.'

    either way, just give it at least 2 weeks between rolling.
  8. One of my friends said 4 times a year. Seriously, ecstasy can fuck your brain up and can affect your social skills if you let it become a regular thing. I haven't tried E, I don't trust synthetic drugs, especially when so many rolls are cut.

  9. i agree, id say only 1 time every month or two cause it is fun as hell to roll especially if you have a fine bitch rollin with you if she will drop her panties.. :bongin: ;)
  10. Avid user here .. My favorite poison of choice for anything besides buds which ain't a drug anyways!

    You need to know what Ecstasy does to your body. The MDMA or MDA is a chemical which enters receptors in your brain and forces it to pump out large doses of seretonin. This is the happy chemical that makes us roll and feel good.

    Your brain can only house so much seretonin at one time. So once your rolls die out from one night you're pretty much on empty for a good 2-3 days. At least a full week between is what I reccomend. And don't ever take more pills than you need to get your going! I wanted to "break through" one night and between eating/lines I finished 6 pills to myself. I have no permanent side effects from that night but for afterwards nothing felt right. I felt like I wasn't really 100% back to reality til a few days later.

    After that night I quit doing it on a whim. I take a pill or two once or twice a year now. It's better this way. You forget how much fun the drug is and when you finaly do it again it's always a good time!

    Drink Responsibly! Water! A friend of mine died from heat stroke on Ex. He was also on anti-depressants at the same time and that is also a BIG MISTAKE to mix those two types of pills.

    If you're worried about a bad cut pill then don't take it. Nothing about drugs are worth risking your immediate health over.

    It's a great time though. My favorite choice and will always be. Moderation is the name of the game.

    Peace out!
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