How often does this happen?!?

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  1. going to bed last night i didnt realize i would wake up to pouring rain and the crack of thunder it was a pretty bad storm but i had work so i couldnt go check my spot until after and i knew it would be bad

    when i was clearing the weeds from the spot i picked right next to the stream i just tossed all of them into a dry area of the stream and didnt think anything of it but when i get to my spot i see that the weeds and shit made a dam in the stream bed and when the water got high enough it diverted straight through my plot and created a sink hole on the opposite side

    i know that some of my babies are probably not going to make it they'll probably drown but thats ok with me because if all of my plants survived that would be too much for me to handle lol its only my first time

    but what i thought was pretty crazy was that the small sinkhole maybe like a foot diameter SWALLOWED one of my plants it just came and ate that shit like nothing lol its gone forever and will be missed:(

    but i have plenty of plants that werent harmed and i think theyll do ok
    i just thought id share that with you guys i thought it was funny
    anybody else have something like this happen?

    Have a good:smoking: night GC :wave:
  2. You took that way too easy. Wth you just lost a plant you could be smoking on! GET PISSED! Lol J/k i admire your lack of anger.

    That is however occuring where i live now. I take a nap and wake up to see shitty cloud. It makes a man wonder about his crop.
  3. I remember having to worry about the weather... hahaha. Yea it sucks but this does happen often. When your plant gets bigger try placing some small gravel over the soil its sitting in. This ensures that the water doesnt really get washed away. Just make sure they are well seated since a loose rock can create a current underneath it and make an even bigger ditch.
  4. and that is why 5 gallon buckets are god sent ... and no this doesn't happen very often as least from my experience

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