How often do you water your SMART POTS?

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  1. 1. What size smart pot do you use?
    2. How many gallons to you give them each?
    3. How often do you water? Everyday? Ever other day, let's try to avoid the answer of "whenever it feels dry" because usually you will notice a routine.
    4. What is your weather like/temp/ what part of the county.

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  2. My 7 and 5 gals always get 1 gal of water once plants reach 4 weeks old.

    Every other day. The pots are usually light. I weight them but on average every other day. [​IMG]

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  3. Usually a good place to start is a 10% volume watering. So if you are in a 10 gallon pot, the you would water 1 gallon during a watering. How often depends on water holding ability of the soil, how big the plants are, ext ext. I would water with a 10% volume then wait for it to dry out enough where the plant is noticeably lighter when lifting it. Then do it all again.
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  4. Lol, am I the one that told you the 10% rule?

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  5. 50 gal . 6gal every 2-3 days. Used to be daily. 90 degree night, 115 degree days. Mine already tapped into the earth a while ago
  6. Maybe, would have been about 15 years ago now.
  7. Cats like stuff
  8. 400 gallons and I water about 5 gallons every other day. But we get a lot of rain and my soil retains water very well.
    Temps are high 70s with high 50s as low.

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