How Often Do You Water Your Ladies??

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by wattew, Mar 3, 2004.


How Often Do You Water?

  1. Once a day

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  2. Once every other day

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  3. Once a Week

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  4. Other (Please state in relpy with amounts if u can)

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  1. Hi all.....

    I just thought that for me and all other newbees this poll could help alot, So how often do you water your ladies say in the first week of flowering???

  2. Every 3 to 5 days. On the 3rd day I usually stick my finger in the soil about 1 inch and if it feels more dry then moist, I water. If it feels more moist then dry, I wait another day.

    *edit: I am growing in soil. Using 6.5 inch pots. They are still in veg.
  3. It depends on how big the plant is.
    Even for a plant that's huge, the bigger the pot is, the more water it will hold. Might only have to do it once or twice a week, or once every 3-4 days.

    If its hydro, you not only have to water, but you have to change the reservoir water and give it fresh nutes.

    A lot of factors go into play here.
  4. true i agree, but there must be some sort of law of average, say for new growers, Soil grow, 12inch pots, flowering at 12 inches stage, 400watt hps e.c.t Just a thought really as i have seen so many threads when experinced growers say sick plants look like over/under watering, i was looking for finding an average like 1 to 2 litres per every third day. But maybe im just asking the impossible? My thoughts of information gathering may help determine some sort of watering pattern with sucessful growers. (Maybe)
  5. Lol, the thing is, I never measure.

    I just water until they drain out the bottom and then wait for them to get dry a few inches down into the soil, and then water again.

    Of course, on a plant that was vegged two months, sometimes I gave it 3-4 pitchers of water once a week(somewhere around a 4 gallon container). It also depends on if the soil is loose.
    Loose soil will need less per watering, but seems to dry out faster and require more waterings.

    Over watering is keeping the soil soaked or really moist all the time, which can drown the roots and cause root rot or fungus in extreme circumstances.

    Edit- Plus, fungus gnats really love moist soil...a layer of sand on top can stop them (the gnat larva) from getting into your roots or plant.
  6. I use a cheap moisture meter. It cost me 6 $ Canadian. It has a probe and you just stick it in your soil. The meter tells you how moist your soil is. Marijuana like a moist soil,,,,but not too much or you will drown your plants. I water usually every 3 days...but sometimes some plants will be more vigorous than others....this is why it is so important to tend to your grow on a plant by plant basis!!! Just because one plant is fine...doesn't mean the next one is. You have to take care of all plants on an individual basis when growing in soil or soiless mixes such as pro mix!!! Peace!!!
  7. Yeah, forgot about those.

    They got a cheaper version you can just stick in the soil, and it works decently but isn't quite as accurate.
  8. cool, maybe ill try and get one, It may help with worry of overwatering lol... Thanks for info
  9. I think they have em' at Home Depot but dunno if you have those or not. Should be $3-4 there for the ones you just stick in the soil (3 or 4 a pack, they change colors as the soil dries out, letting you know when to water).

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