How often do you toke it up?

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  1. How often do you get together with friends/or by yourself and toke it up? (The amount of consumption during each session is not relevant)

    Personally the most I would smoke is about 5 times a week, and it's always with at least another person, it just doesn't feel right if I do it alone. I suppose that spurs up the other question of if you do it alone or with other people?

    Reply! :hello::smoke:
  2. It's never a schedule i get high when i want to, not because i need to and i like it like that. It's the same with cigs i don't smoke them often because i'll have one when i want and i'd hate the fact to be addicted to any substance ya know...
  3. I usually smoke up once a week on average but that's cuz I'm short on cash, wen I have the money, I'll toke prolly every day till it's gone. as for doing it alone, I like to sometimes, but with other ppl is usually more enjoyable for me
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    Yeah, I would never smoke cigs because they can be pretty addictive and I don't see anything in them that would benefit my life tbh. My friend smokes a lot more than me, and when he's high as fuck he still wants more, and I always tell him it's overkill and shit but he won't listen.
  5. Through this summer I'd say I've probably been smoking about 3-5 nights a week because all my friends who smoke are back in our hometown for the summer from college.
    Now that I'm not with them I'll probably just smoke more like once a week with my remaining friends who smoke because we don't always smoke when we hang. Maybe smoke once a week or every other week by myself cause sometimes that can be nice to have a contemplative high by yourself.
    You never know though, maybe the pace will pick up with my other friends, maybe I'll fall in with a new "circle". I don't try to plan this kind of shit. I smoke for fun and whenever it feels right. I won't try to force it, and weed will always be there waiting.
  6. i blaze like 5 or so times a week. but right now im on a break, cus ive been sick and figured i might as well stay sober a little while longer now that its been like a week.
  7. i love toking alone sometimes, its almost a different high. but sometimes i need to have some ppl to do crazy shit with or watch tv with, or whatever. so yea i like both.
  8. I smoke err day. Never on schedule, just when I want too.
  9. Daily but frequents 2 week breaks like each two months it's s good system and if you know how to conseve it, its straight. Just the fact that you can take random breaks proves better than any schedule you can learn to expect it, not trying be that guy but idk its not about how much you smoke anyways.

  10. FYI, I smoke way more than 3 times a day. Why do you feel sorry for me? Because I'm a productive member of society that works a full time job. Your statement is ignorant to me. I happen to like weed. I happen to be able to smoke at work sometimes. I like to get high with my friends. I like to get high by myself. I like to get high and I am able to do it at all times through out the day and can afford it as well. I dont do that everyday but most of the time I do. So again why do you feel sorry for me?
  11. I smoke when I need it. 3-5 times a day atleast.
  12. Nightly, I'll miss a night every week or two because of heavy drinking though.

    I only smoke like a .3g pinner joint between me and one other person though, gets me lifted for 2 hours or so and then a perfect burnout that puts me right to sleep. It's a good bedtime control system, and I don't build a tolerance because the amount that I smoke isn't much at all.
  13. Once a day, at night. Usually by myself.

    Why would you feel weird smoking by yourself?
  14. ^I've wondered this for a while, is your name straight from Heavy Metal? The magical ball thing?
  15. Some people do because they think of it like alcohol. If you think about it exclusively as a party tool or whatever then it's easy to buy into the stereotype of smoking alone being like drinking alone, only for alcoholics/burnouts.
    I don't buy that though. Weed is great for alone time, or can even just make something like cleaning out the garage or doing dishes seem fun. :p
  16. yeah I tend to get into deeper thoughts when I am smoking alone :)
  17. ive taken 7 gb hits of kush today so far...
  18. Was toking up nearly everyday in the basement with friends back home.
  19. Basically whenever I feel like it. If I have it, I will wait until I have accomplished anything that needs to be done that day and then indulge in the glory, more as a reward than anything else.
  20. Two or three times a day, usually.

    I can't smoke now though, because I'm getting a drug test for a job soon.

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