How often do you smoke?

Discussion in 'General' started by Mr. JIMI, Jul 1, 2002.

  1. im one of those people who doesnt really buy it, unless its something important like a concert, party, or 4/20, so im probobly like once a week or so....what about everyone else?
  2. daily. when school is in, i don't smoke until i get off work - evenings and weekends only. now that summer is here - from wake -n- bake to puff-n-snooze.

    i smoke way too much :D :hippie:
  3. I'm proud to say that i broke my own record of getting stoned 5 days in a row last year!.... By about 40 days!!! I know its nothing that sepical but for me it is! :smoking:
  4. Most I've smoked in a row was 4 days... Just recently too. Im more of recreational smoker but now that summer is here and such it's much more. :)
  5. when i have it i smoke it everyday
  6. every day... when i have it. try to not smoke for a week every so few months to prove to myself and others that it aint addictive, and i do this when i actually have some.
    but right now i got jack shit.

    smoke for medical reasons tho.



    well ...

    ok, ok!

    I started as a recreational smoker and would smoke everyday even if it wernt for the back pains, insomnia, eating disorder, migraines, etc etc.

    recreational smoker till i die. :D medical user till it cures me.
  7. when i have it 3 times a day every day cept weekends

    anywhre from 1-10 times a day.
  9. every single day
  10. I must be more of a pot head than I thought. I can't remember the last day I didn't smoke it. I even go on holiday to Amsterdam so I don't have to go without, and always buy more b4 I run out. It really helps me sleep amongst other things.
    Don't wanna sound addicted or anything but there's no surer cure for boredom.
  11. i smoke every day. and before i run out i try to get more. gosh~i honestly can say i was just out, but of course fully loaded again but for how many days in a row i've smoked! if it wasn't for havin none it would be like how many yrs in a row i've smoked. absolutely every day.
  12. Daily if I got shit, or if my dealer's around. We're boys so if I pop over there we'll spark a few Js. Sounds bad but we can still function, still wake up for class/work, so it's all good.
  13. i am relatively new to the smoking scene, and i can say that it is a whole lot better than drinking. i due it about twice a week, only cause i get the munchies, even when i get good shit. any way to avoid getting the munchies?
  14. Every day...Every night
  15. I smoke every day. How much I smoke depends on how stressful my day at work was and if I'm off from work, I basically stay high 99.99% of the day.
  16. lets see.. today i smoked a bowl in the morning, a bowl after school, followed by a joint, followed by another bowl.. and then a bowl a bit later on, and then another bowl, and ill probably either smoke another joint or another bowl before i go to sleep :smoking:

    damn, i should cut down.. i usually dont smoke that much, but i just got my 1/2oz ;)

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