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how often do you smoke

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by pablo420, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. just wondering
  2. Approximately every 112 minutes, four seconds except on Sunday. Then it's every 32 minutes, forty seven seconds.
  3. 5 days a week.
    around there i would guess right now.
  4. Every chance I get.
  5. Whenever i have some I smoke with my friends whenever I can, and when i'm not around them I smoke up myself and chill. I love stayin high
  6. Sometimes every day, sometimes every weekend, sometimes a couple of times a month. It really depends on how much free time I have, how much money and most importantly, how much green. Right now, though, every/every other afternoon :)
  7. 6 days a week at least. Love being high
  8. whnever it's around. try to smoke every day and do a good job, but sometimes it runs out and ya gotta take a break. smoke whenever the buzz is fading
  9. For the most part, every day for several years. Since I haven't been working, all day/night. :smoking:

    I don't smoke schwag.
  10. i smoke everyday after work. unless no money or herb obviously. i also don't smoke dirt weed
  11. Usually everyday. However I'm not smoking at the moment because my final A level exams start tommorow. Starting with Philosophy... great :(
  12. either every other day or everyday if i have weed
    if i dont have weed whenever im in town and my friends have some we smoke
  13. Whenever I can...
  14. everyday about 2-3 times, after work of course, and at the weekends it's something really scary for sure. :D
  15. Usually just once per weekend. Money is kind of tight and no time :(
  16. Pretty much most days a week and the gaps are only to scrape together some money and buy some more :D
  17. Most every day. Some days just once, other days so much I can't really remember.
  18. every day, usually around 5-8 sessions a day. what can i say i love me some quality flowers.
  19. well there's a group of like 6 of us who just sesh together and the past 9 weeks (on saturday) we've smoked every single day due to everybodies bonus's and pays etc :p

    but before then it was jus a few times a week :)

    though i don't want the roll to end D:
  20. I smoke now....and now....and now....and..well you get the point

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