how often do you smoke vs. how often you drink?

Discussion in 'General' started by rwilliams, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. I smoke everyday, at least once a day, by myself or with friends. i usually drink twice or so a week, almost always with friends. so, weed seems to be an everyday thing for me, and even though i don't drink that scarcly, alcohol is more of a special occasion thing. for some people it's the opposite. some people do both every day. some people drink everyday but marijuana is the devil and it's for criminals, and they would never knowingly associate themselves with someone who smokes. what is it for you?
    EDIT: another thing that came to my mind after i posted is: most people who use these two substances aren't addicted... and i'm not addicted to any of them; i could easily go a month no smoking or drinking and not even think about it, i've done it before.... but, if you had to say your addicted to one of them, what is it? I think i'm more addicted to beer than weed... i don't really know why.
  2. I very rarely drink. If I have a bottle at home, I'll take a shot or two before bed occasionally. But social drinking only happens on special occasions. Usually I'm designated driver because I'd rather just smoke herb.
  3. Smoking, every day. Drinking, like once every 2 months.
  4. Smoke weed every day. I'll actively try to smoke with someone but I won't begrudge smoking alone :rolleyes: I drink when my girlfriend takes me to a lame club, when it's someone's 21st, or when it's someone's big end-of-the-semester bash. Definitely less than a once-a-week thing.
  5. yeah, me and my friends take turns being the dd.... i always make sure to bring some chronic along when i'm the designated driver :bongin:
  6. most people who drink alchohol everyday are addicted, in the sense that they would be really frustrated and possibly have mood swings when they don't get that one drink.
  7. Smoke daily. Drink 2-3 times a I never drink by myself; I just...cant. I need a crowd to drink with

  8. hmm, thanks for bringing that to my attention dude.... i better make sure i don't drink more than twice a week, to make sure that doesn't happen to me... i really only started drinking a month ago, before that i got drunk like once or twice but got in a fight for no apparent reason and decided it would be best if i stay away from alcohol... like a month ago, i started drinking. it started when my friend offered to be the designated driver cause he had work early in the morning. anyway, thanks for the fair warning, i'll make sure i don't drink more than twice in a week.
  9. LOL, i'm exactly the same why dawg.
  10. I smoke everyday that i can. i've had two beers in my fridge for over a week. Just don't feel like finishing off the sixer.
  11. I try to smoke weed everyday when I can,anyday i prefer to be high than drunk, its more chill and relaxing, and its simply more convient, it doesnt fuck me up as much, and dont have to worry bout people doing stupid shit when there high or violent..only the bad shit happens when your drunk, and most of the time you say shit you dont mean, talkin shit for the sake of it, no matter who it is...I like the combo, but when im drinking, all im thinkin bout is getting to the smoking after im done.
  12. Whenever i drink i smoke and whenever i smoke i drink

    when im not drinking you can find me smoking and when im not smoking im most probably drinking

    im smoking now (drinking) :smoke::eek:

  13. i agree 100%... alcohol is potentially a lot more dangerous.... i am a lot more careful about when i drink then if when i smoke. i won't drink if i know i have to drive, go to work, do homework, etc. i can smoke and do all these perfectly.but, I've found that if I make sure I'm careful when i drink, it can be enjoyable.
  14. i smoke everyday, drink every 2nd day maybe? started driving recently, so i've been drinking much less. also, i've been spending more time doing other drugs.
  15. ^what other drugs?
  16. I ussually smoke a few times a month, but I haven't smoked in over a month because I can't get any weed because I don't have any connects anymore. I rarely drink, ussually a few times a year.

  17. I can't tell if you are being sarcastic or not...:confused::smoke:... either way I'm saying that because my step-dad drank every night .. because it was relaxing and reccomended by his doctor.. .supposedly, anyways.. he got pissed the fuck off if he didn't have his drink, and he had to bring bottles of rum on vacation with him..
  18. dude, i wasn't being sarcastic at all, sorry if i came off that way. i'm actually glad you brought that to my attention, because i'm a noob when it comes to drinking, and any helpful drinking hints are greatly appreciated :)
  19. i can count the number of times ive drank or gotten drunk on one hand. as for getting stoned, id need a lotta fuckin hands.

    alcohol and me dont get along. i have nothing against it really, i just see it as really fuckin pointless. its the second leading cause of death by substance (below tobacco and above pres. drugs) and still, pot isnt legal, i think we'd all call bullshit on that.

    alcohol's alright, i suppose. personally, ive never commited myself to a night of drinking enough beer to enjoy the taste. if i drink it, i chug it, always.

    pot just seems so perfect. no hangover, no black outs, and you can usually remember shit the next day (marijuana only distorts short-term memory and thats only during intoxication).

    ganja all the way!
  20. I would say 7-1 (smoke-drink) ratio.

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