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How often do you smoke alone? And do you enjoy it?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by valogirl666, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. I pretty much smoke alone all the time.
    My boyfriend is the only person who smokes with me
    None of my friends smoke at all, except for him, which totally sucks.
    So I smoke alone basically every night. I kind of enjoy it, except I do get bored easily.
    I wish I had more friends that smoke, but oh well.

    So, I was wondering. What kind of things do you guys do when you smoke alone?
    I usually play video games or paint something. But I would like more ideas.
    Also, is there any way to approach a friend who doesn't smoke, and ask them if they'd like to toke it with me? It seems they're all very uncomfortable with marijuana, for whatever reason; so I never ask. But I'd really like some other girls to smoke with.
    Any ideas? :smoke:
  2. I used to do it a lot, but I am always blazing with my friends now.

    I like it better, everyone pitches so there is always tons of weed.
  3. When I'm back home it's a pretty common thing when I have bud, but in college its RARE for me to ever smoke alone. In fact, last time I did it I felt like I was doing something wrong lol
  4. I smoke alone usually later in te night but after I meet up wit my friends first and chill
    I draw/paint/jam on to music sometimes when I toke alone
    A good way to get other girls on it says how it really doesn't affect you much and it wouldn't stay inside your system for very long but I feel like as friends we could be closer if you tried it with me
  5. When I lived in a dorm in college I only blazed with other people, it just seemed right. Made it more fun also.

    Now that I'm living with 2 roommate in an off-campus house, sometimes I blaze with them sometimes I don't.
  6. I do it all the time, I don't have any friends that smoke weed, even in college. I tought that a game development school would have a lot of stoners, but I can't seem to find one to share some dope.

    I usually play games and listen to songs I don't know. It's awesome.
  7. I smoke alone all the time. I smoked with a couple people from whereI live but I didn't enjoy it. Shady people.

    When I go back home I smoke with all my old friends 2-3 times a week in the summer. But then it isn't that fun because I can't really relate to their lives anymore.

    I enjoy smoking alone because I can just chill and do my own thing but it's always nice to have some good people to smoke with. Hopefully when school starts I'll meet some awesome people.
  8. Everyday.
    edit: I can't really call up someone at quarter to 7 in the morning and have him/her come by everyday can I. So everyday minus the days later on in the evening/after work I see/spend time with friends/family.
  9. I usually smoke alone, but i have a ton of fun doing it, shit i smoke before i jogg outside or run on my treadmill , i smoke before i lift also i play video games and do alot of yard work, and i even smoke when im watching tv, i have a bunch of friends that smoke but they sometimes talk too much or some get all ancy and wanna do whit sometimes i feel parranoid around them and it tripps me out sometimes. But having a good smoking bud is hard to comeby.
    And i wouldnt ask anyone else that dosent smoke because i tried it with a close friend of mine and she looked at me like i was asking for head!
  10. Everyday, I like it.
  11. I smoke every single day alone . But also have others to smoke with i wNted to but i prefer to be By myself cause it's cheaper for me cause my friends are moochers and it let's me think lol
  12. Everyday.

    I work. A LOT! Like 6 days a week 5am - generally 7 or 8 pm..

    Then I go to my apartment. Smoke a blunt to the dome, dab a wee bit watch some TV on my Apple TV then sleep and repeat. And my day off is usually spent on my couch smoking my self silly for recovery from the week.

  13. I prefer smoking by myself....more of an introvert smoker. Being high by myself is the best but I usually end up listening to music, finding new music or I find myself researching a lot of random shit and watching documentaries.
  14. I don't mind smoking alone, and sometimes prefer it.
    Usually i just watch tv, movies, play videogames, guitar, or whatever else i normally do.
  15. Lately ive discovered that I prefer smoking alone. Id say I probably smoke alone about 67% of the time.
  16. I smoke alone every day, nothing like getting blazed at 3 am playing new Vegas lol
  17. Recently I have been smoking solo, I dont mind it sometimes, I get to listen to my music, watch my shows but at the same time I love smoking with people, the highs are different when solo or in a group. When I chill with friends we usually throw in 5 bucks and get a G, and that will usually have us buzzing, unforunately I only have one friend thats like me and everytime we smoke we wanna get high as possible, rest of the friends have a limit but im like screw that ish, load up the bong, crank up the song haha
  18. Also it was the summer and my most of my college buddies went home (i stayed at school for the summer)
  19. yeah ill smoke alone. Its pretty nice just jamming out in your room baked as hell. I usually just do what i do sober at home lol, computer/internet, TV, video games. I love being on the internet when im high because i often get random thoughts that i feel the need to look up lol.
  20. Id say 95 percent of the time smoking is my down time. I sit in my big comfy recliner with my bong and i just want to watch a movie or something interesting on Netflix. I was never a fan of blunt rides or in my case joint rides.

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