how often do you have to replace broken bong? My baby is dead.

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  1. I just dropped my favorite bong that I've had for only 4 months :cry:

    I swear I always seem to have to replace a bong at least 3 times a year from some freak accident. Well mostly me or a friend too high and forgetting its in the way. I wonder if theirs a bong that provides a warranty for freak accidents lol.

    So how often do you have to replace your bong?
    And what should my next bong be?:smoke:
  2. had a piece for a couple weeks and shattered the base, had my newest bong for about 2 months and i have come close a few times
  3. if you got the cash go w/ ROOR or Illidelph but if u think u gunna break it and u dont want 2 spend the money, get a cheap no name brand or acrylic

    Happy Tokin'
  4. Yeah ever since I smoked out of my buddies ROOR I've wanted one but I never end up saving up the cash lol.
  5. if ur prone to breaking bongs or even worried, gc sells a lot of quality bongs for under $150. i can vouch for molino tubes being legit. roors are decent but not worth the price imho esp if you move ur bongs around a lot. im sure if you look around on here and look at the specifications of the glass you could find something you like.

    also might as well take advantage of the 30% off :p
  6. Thanks bro, I've been looking around all day :)
  7. never broken a bong, but the cops got one of mine one time so i had to get a new one
  8. Dang, how long have you owned one? I must be clumsy lol.
  9. i dont agree with what has been said about illys and roors. they are still high end pieces HOWEVER they were the hype of 2005. if you are looking for a bong to deliver a smooth hit and a more scientific approach to glass maybe check out Toro, or even RooR tech pieces but im not a fan of perculation outside of ashcatchers and downstems and perculation doesnt really define a piece for me.
  10. I've had the same bong for the better part of a decade now.

    It did break once. I paid a good amount to have it sent back to the glassblower and repaired. :D
  11. other than a recent break at the joint of my Diggy A/C, i have never broken a high end piece or a piece that means alot to me. i was super bummed about the Diggy because i had bought his matching inline bubbler that stacks for a double chambered inline bubbler. thankfully, i was able to get it saved by a blower friend of mine. it barely looks like there was a break at all. everything is airtight and working perfectly again.
  12. What about that hurricane bong or whatever, it's supposed to be virtually unbreakable, seems somewhat gimmiky tho.
  13. I have never broken one of my own pieces. Have had two different pipes break cuz of others though. But I tend to be super careful with stuff. You should look into some decent pieces on here so it won't be too heart breaking or wallet breaking if they get fucked up
  14. I broke my bong just now, can't afford another one for a while. Disbelief, anger, sigh, smoke more.

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