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How often do you guys t-break?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by nampac, Sep 25, 2009.

  1. I've smoked on and off for about two years (once/twice a week). Recently since I moved into my college apartment, I've been smoking everyday, sometimes twice.

    As I keep smoking more and more I realize my tolerance is getting higher than the friends I usually smoke with compared to where it was. They smoke maybe twice a week and before we used to smoke about the same and be on equal levels, but recently I feel like I need to smoke at least another bowl to get where they are.

    I know the simple answer is smoke more (we smoke decent mids, we get an insanely good value and we're cheap college kids) but I don't like always having to smoke more than others since smoking is more of a social thing to me. It's especially a problem when someone smokes me out. Last night a buddy came over to smoke me out and I was just getting there when he wanted to stop.
  2. a 2 week every 3 months

    or a month every half year
  3. Never. I don't find it necessary.
  4. 4/20 rule. Every 4 weeks you smoke, take 20 days off.
  5. i dont really t-break on purpose, but sometimes i will go for a week or so every few months without smoking.
  6. that is way too often in my opinion, and too long of a break also
  7. i blaze about twice a day and take a 1 week break every month. usually thats when i re up the supply and what not
  8. My t breaks are usually when im out of stash which usually is only a day max. My tolerance has really gone up lately tho thinking about taking a t break
  9. when i feel like i need one, i take one. usually after im almost out of weed, i just wont buy any more for a while.
  10. I usually only break when I'm out and just don't buy more for a bit. Its always unintentional when I break, I feel no need for planned ones.

  11. yeah,i only break when i have no weed.

  12. I agree I find them pointless, I smoke daily for years at a time.
  13. When I get paid, I'll buy a half ounce, and that last me a week and then the next week I take off till next payday. Keeps my tolerence down and makes the one week wait worth it.


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