How often do you guys cycle between Water and Feeding?

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  1. Thanks again, just gotta lear how to ude this EC meter now :)
  2. Endo- I just started using using botanicare coco/perlite mixture. I started flower yesterday after 5 weeks in veg. This Is my first time using coco and in the beginning I was watering my plants as if they were in soil and to be honest they just didn't look very pretty. Initially I thought I was over watering cause they just weren't glowing like I'm used to. After researching and finding that coco should be treated like hydro, I started feeding everyday without drying time. They perked up within a week and are green and beautiful. I believe the perlite in my botanicare coco holds enough air for the roots to breathe, by letting the medium dry out al you're doing is under feeding it.. As far as I can tell at least. Since this is my first time with coco, I decided to use the same brand of nutrients.. Botanicare. It is much easier to do it that way, for me at least because these nutes were designed to be used with this medium. I will try others when I get the hang of it but for now my plants are doing wonderful!! With soil, you must be very cautious of over watering and too much nutrients, I've found coco to be the exact opposite, under watering and under feeding were my main problems during the beginning. I got it all figured out now ad am SO excited to see these babies start to bloom, my favorite part!! Besides smoking of course.
  3. Im currently using 2 gallon Geopots (wool pots) with 100% coco coir,
    I Feed then water. every 3-5 days
    I use Heavy 16 veg a+b, heavy 16 prime, hydrozyme, and rapidstart GH.
    They are outdoor (in SoCAL)  daytime temps 70-103 humidity 20-60% (on avg)
                                                     nighttime temps 45-60
    Everytime i feed i use more Heavy 16 as according to feeding chart on their website.last was 2 nights ago it was 532 ppms
    when i water i flood them so 80% of coco is drenched and i get a good amount of run off. They take roughtly 3-5 days to dry up, I allow to completely dry( I was taught that this caused roots to strech for the water and force them deeper)
    After they are dryed from feeding i water with RO water (0 ppms) and only add hydrozyme and once again drench them at night so they remain moist a few days.
    To clarify: I judge how dry or wet by putting my finger about an inch- inch 1/2 down, also by the weight of the pot when i pick them up.
    I only water with RO water (0 ppms) i use it with my nutes and when i regularly water.
  4. if your feeding low ppms/ec in coco, you shouldn't ever have to run plain water
    my ppms (.5 scale) never go over 850ish, even in full on flower
    there is no need to run ppms/ec super high, its just wasting nutrients and $$$
  5. yeah i was taught that the plant can only take up to 1600 ppms? may be off on that but that seems like you are asking for burn unless you step it up to those levels and as for altering watering and feeding its just good practice if you feed a lot of food at once, most manufatures feeding charts will tell you what the ppm,ec,pH should be for their mixture. also if they recommend water,water,feed (technoflora) or water,feed,etc.. the only way you will know is trying your nutes untill you see signs of burn to see what they will take
  6. if I'm running a 2 1/2 gallon pot with 80% coco and 20% perlite, how much should I probably be using to water/feed with each time? I know there's no certain amount, just trying to get a feel for coco.. this is my first grow (my first plant died a couple days ago due to over watering) I'm using the Fox Farms hydro trio, which has the dosages listed in TSP/GAL, but I've noticed that I only really need about half to a quarter gallon of water when feeding/watering.. so how exactly do I go about adding nutrients to less than 1 gallon of water? would I just add half (or a quarter for the first few weeks) of the recommended nutrients to half of a gallon of water?  
  7. When i first started i would go to the store and buy a gallon or 2 of distilled water (sold in gal. jugs by water bottles) and would mix my nutes in the gallon and only use what you need, if they start to dump water out of the bottem they are good for a few days. if you decide to do what i did, DO NOT save the mixed nutes to re-use after a day or so they will go bad and you will end up locking your plant out of a lot of nutes.
    Yeah that's basically what I was doing, just adding my nutes to the 1 gallon jugs of distilled water, I didn't save them or anything, just used what I needed then dumped the rest out the drain, I just didn't like having to waste the nutrients =/ someone had mentioned that I can probably add my left overs to other plants (not cannabis plants) around my house.. so I might try that so I don't have to just dump whatever I don't use down the drain.
  9. 48 ounces per pot is how I would do it, daily feeds with nutes and about 10 to 12 of water only throughout the grow. I'm on my first grow with about 20 or so days to go and this has worked perfect for me I'm at 80/20 and running the H3aD formula with GH nutes never been above 900ppm..... well ok mabye a couple of times. Hand feeding coco has been very insightful and productive for my first grow.
    Hope this helps.
    Thanks for the information man, I really appreciate it.
  11. i use extra nute water for my garden (tomatoes, peppers, lettus, herbs,and flowers) Just yesterday I trasplanted them into soil to conserve water and money from feeding and buying nutes. If i could reccomend one product to anyone starting or even growing for years just w/o these ( they are fabric pots (many brand names) they will allow air into the medium and make the roots explode and make the biggest baddest root ball ever! they hands down promote the most growth for your buck.
  12. it's virtually impossible to overwater coco...  and with a little perlite,  60/30 coco/perlite,  I feed/water every 48hrs  to 10% runoff.  works like a charm!
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  13. Da fqu this 378g nug bitch?
  14. I water every other day with nutes to 10% runoff. Untill mid bloom is when I start to water everyday as they feed more.

    100% coco in 3gal Geo Pots.
  15. I feed twice a day with 70/30 coco/perlite with hydroton on top to hold down the coco in place when watering and to help prevent gnats. (10% run off each time)

    Going to flower either today or tmrw and I am setting up a drip system to feed it 3x a days till end of stretch and 4x after till harvest and 1.5-2 week of only PH water before harvest.

    You can't over water coco unless the root has not yet form. Check out dtw coco, some people are feeding 5x a day and the result are faster and better. Coco is like hydro without the hydro headache. Coco already dry after 1 days and it holds air very well and new feed should bring new o2 into the coco and plant. More feed = faster grow = should be better yield.

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