How often do you guys cycle between Water and Feeding?

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  1. If you are going to use coco use canna nut trust me they know something about coco that nobody else knows as for watering feed every time or you will be fighting a never ending battle coco is the best when used with canna my last one I had a top cola of 387g dry still on stem I will post pics:cool on the next one to show gust for bragging rights :cool:
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    crispyendo that was your 3rd post since Oct 2010?!
  3. "Top cola of 387g dry..." a, yeah, right!

    Anyway, I use Botainicare's ReadyGro, which is a coco/perlite/a few other good stuff mix. I use the aeration formulae (which contains more perlte and less coco than the moisture control formulae). At the point when I transplant to their final 9 litre (2.4 gallon) Air Pots I switch to a 75% aeration/25% mositure control mix.

    This provides a very airy mix which supplies high levels of oxygen to the root zone. It also readily dries overnight, so I water every day with nutes. even if it's still slightly moist (and it will be down inside your pot/container) it gets watered every day with nutes.

    Coco actually has a high air holding capacity when fully saturated (I'm thinking ~ 20% or so, but you'd have to look). There is no real need to let coco go through wet/dry cycles as you would with soil.

    I also don't see any particular need to back off the nutrients. I run mine as high as 2,500 micro semens (using a .75 conversion = ~1875 ppm) toward the end of flowering. Since coco also has a high CEC, it is able to hold onto nutrients and release them as needed by the plant. I've had no issues with nutrient burn.

    Finally, I use House and Garden Coco nutrients. I've found these to work VERY well--my plants have never been more healthy. I use Coco A + B, BudXL, and Roots Excelurator. I also use GH Kool Bloom liquid (maxing out at 10 ml./gallon), Kool Bloom powder (1.25-2.0 grams) the last 2-3 weeks of flower, and various other additives (Hygrozyme, Ful-Power fulvic acid, Eklonia kelp, etc.).

    Here's a couple of shots of 2 GHS K-Train at 7 weeks flower. They were veged for 6 weeks under a 240w LED veg/clone light, and flowered under a Digilux 600w HPS witha Nextgen digital ballast:

  4. Coco by itself is the best imo. I use 100% Botanicare Coco, no perlite, no nothing. Pure coco goodness.
  5. crispyendo, I'd love to see that 387g dry top cola.
    Still gonna post a pic?
  6. I half to find my old cell phone for pic but the plant was over 7 feet tall and veg for 6 months cheese strain using canna coco.I have some coming very soon I will post.Try canna coco and tell me it cant be done.
  7. Damn I'd love to see that, would be epic
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    I water with a weaker nute solution every time I water and flush once a month.then flush with straight water 12 to 15 days before harvest.

    2/3 Coco gro and 1/3 pearlite,
    Mexican bat guano and Rainbow Mix Grow mixed into potting mix

    Compost Tea :
    Composted Moose earthworm castings (Make it myself)
    10-2-1 Mexican Bat Guano
    Humboldt Myco Madness
    Humboldt Micro
    Humboldt Grow

    Aerated with air stone in a 25 rubbermaid Trash Can
  9. Cool because I use nuts every time I water.I only final flush I was wondering because it uses a lot of nuts and I would like to get the same results by cheating on the nuts.I did not want to take the chance of loosing weight by not feeding one slip up and there go's 10% thanks
  10. Hi guys, I just posted regarding my first coco grow, still not sure what watering process to go for :( everybody is different :)

  11. That's because coco is versatile and it can work well with a variety of watering cycles. I use an amount of water in my daily waterings that allows no run off and it's dry enough so that the next day it can be watered again. I do this because plants grow faster in coco imo with daily feedings. If I wanted to I could adjust the nutrient solution and water with a larger amount of water so that I only had to water every 2 days. I also know of a grower who uses a drip system and waters his coco pots 3 times per day. That's one of the things that make coco such a great growing medium. It's extremely versatile.
  12. Thats why I chose it, what preperation do you give your coco before planting in the germinated seeds ?
  13. If your going to use coco use canna the full line nuts and coco fiber from canna and feed every time you water it will cost a little more than other brands but the end result will be insane.With every harvest I always got more than the last one one pound DRY per light is easy
  14. I think ill feed at every water, also just ordered my seeds - got 10 feminized snowryders auto. Also using this chart to calculate my feed
    I bought all the bottles on the chart so as soon as the seeds arrive im ready to go.
    Gonna do a little grow journal here but I cant seem to create a new thread, says a admin needs to verify my post ???
  15. Also here is my coco setup, Do you think the light is to far away, im gonna be putting the seeds straight into 4.5 litre pots that you can see on the picture. Its a 400w hps phillips HPI-T Plus.

  16. With coco it's very hard to over water. Watering everyday isn't going to Hirt it but it kind of defets the purpose of coco. U want the air to get to the roots because that will cause the plant to grow faster. But be carful not to leave ur babies too thirsty.
  17. Do you reccomend mixing with perlite ? if so what percentage ?
    My PH in is 5.9 / 6.0 and PH out is 6.1..

    Im using this, also what is buffering capacity ? -------

    Cocos for the professional
    Cellmax Coco Pro Cellmax coco pro is the ultimate biological solution for the professional grower.
    Its capillary action is optimum for coltivating greenhouse plants. It goes without soying that this coconut mix has been given the RHP quality mark and does not require buffering.
    Here are just some of its many benefits:
    1) Coco Pro has on air content of approx 21% (Volume fraction)
    2) You can use it several time
    3) You can control it as on rosk wool
    4) It has on extremely high buffering capacity, and
    5) It's organic
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    I would use coco strait unless you are using a hydro ebb n flow of have a res.When watering I would wait until you see a fan leaf slightly get weak its a timing thing when you see the plant just start to sag water coco can be over watered you will get mold and bacteria in the roots and the leafs will start cupping.If you cut the coco with anything you will be feeding a lot more PS use canna nut if you need a canna formula let me know ill hook you up you will NEVER TURN BACK ph for coco is 5.5 to 5.8 check the water coming out the bottom of the pot and adjust the next water lower than the what is is now to bring back
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    Thanks Crispyendo :) Ill be watering by hand, I also just bought all my nutes as follows -


    Will take your advice and only water / feed when they look like they need watering / feeding.

    Do you reccomend only water and no feed for the first week or so after germination ? Ill be popping the germinated seed straight in the 4.5 litre pots of coco.

    Here is the setup 120cmx120cmx200cm, 400w hps, 12 x 4.5 litre grow pots and 12 x snowryder auto fems.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  20. Use only water for 10 to 14 days or until you see a slight yellowing and start feeding slow.After the first week of feeding if there not growing fast increase.

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