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How often do you guys "burp" youre jars during curing?

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by wdissident, Oct 14, 2010.

  1. How often do you guys "burp" youre jars during curing?
  2. first week after the drying, i burp every day first 3-5 days and then every other day for rest of that week or so. After that once or twice a week if that. Prevention is the key!

  3. what u mean first week after drying. assuming it takes a week to dry you mean?

  4. no, u feel the bud till the are dry to touch, and stems almost break at snap, u want a little moisture. first week after u put in jars u want to open every day, twice first day if your paranoid. after first week every other day.

    Just make sure to check very throughly first days and before you put in jars for mould. Prevention is the key!
  5. i only have one jar since i just got back into growing, i burb it a couple time s a day the first week ( i only dry for 4 days or so, i let them get crispy on the outside)

    the moisture that is retained is taking me about 2 weeks to completely remove it after lettin the buds breath.

    but thelonger it takes, the better the smoke. the potency and headiness has definately improved drastically, along with the flavor of the herb from 4 day dry to 2 .5 week cure
  6. Thanks for the info
  7. So if I understand this right, I will wanna open the jars once or twice a day everday for the first week and then the second week I will wanna open them about every other day for an hour or so. After the second week is up do they still need to be opened up any from time to time or should they be left alone to cure.

    I read one article that recommend pouring your buds out on a tray or poster board for an hour instead of just opening the lid.

  8. Right. I always take the bud out for a few mins. to check for mold. I do it once a day for weeks one and every few days after that.

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