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How often do you clean your piece?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by S0UR, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. Prefer to clean my spoon as often as possible. How about you?
  2. After almost every use..
  3. Before I eat my food, I clean my spoon.
  4. i have resin mondays sometimes.. (i get paid tuesday)
  5. I just have a spoon right now that I dont Use all the time so about once a month
  6. I clean my bong once it starts to smell

    I start cleaning my pipes once they are done changing color
  7. Slide for bong, almost daily.
    Bong itself + downstem, never less than once a week unless i vape all week and dont use it
    Pipes... every 4-5 months, i dont use them very often.....
    Bubbler, every month, used less frequently than the bong, a huge bitch to clean, and it never really gets too dirty in the first place
  8. I clean my bong every other day now. When I had a spoon, I would clean it after every 2 weeks or so.
  9. Not nearly enough... Probably every 2 or 3 months for both my pipe and bong (of course, I change the water every session/empty it when not in use). The bong doesn't get too dirty because I use screens and always change the water, but the pipe could use more frequent cleanings.

    edit: and by clean, I assume you mean getting 99% iso and salt (or some sort of cleaning solution) and shaking things around like a motherfucker 'til they look brand new.
  10. How often should you honestly clean your piece? I have been using a handful (6) of pieces and I honestly haven't ever cleaned them. At what point should I honestly clean?
    I always change my bong water but my small glass pieces I haven't cleaned. Only smoked for 6 months...
  11. If you've only been smoking for 6 months and have many different pieces, they're probably not tooooo dirty, but in need of a cleaning. You'd notice a huuuge improvement of taste (and maybe even smoothness).
  12. I mean my piece looks kinda "toasty" on the bowl but honestly it doesn't look too bad. Sadly I have 6 packed bowls at the moment :( This is what happens when you get addicted to making pieces in glass blowing class :hello:

  13. Its really up to you.

    Eventually you will find smoking becomes impossible as they clog with resin.... and i find it tastes much better with less resin lol, but you dont really HAVE to clean when on a schedule
  14. Either weekly or bi-weekly. Just depends if I get around to it.
  15. i use screens for all my current tools. I only ever really clean my handhelds (chillum/spoon) when it's too caked with resin, or when ever i feel like its just too damned dirty. Which is always nice because a little resin high never hurt anybody.

    My bong; i clean religiously after i smoke from it. why?
    because dirty bong water smells like complete shit. ew.
  16. once a week for my piece. iso and salt in a plastic baggy, shake it, use a straightened paper clip to scrape out the gunk
  17. This thread inspired me to clean my spoon that I have never cleaned, It's been 4 years now! lol
  18. [quote name='"thomasman"'] Which is always nice because a little resin high never hurt anybody.

    Not initially but thats like smoking strait cancer. Probably worse than cigs.

    [quote name='"stayhungry"']This thread inspired me to clean my spoon that I have never cleaned, It's been 4 years now! lol[/quote]

    Damn, that's nasty as fuck man. You got to work on that hygiene. Lol
  19. Usually I wash my bong with Iso and Salt afterclass everyday...on the weekends I usually don't change it aha..but if it gets too dirty I have to clean:)
  20. When I'm home I clean my pieces after 2-3 uses - every ~2 days - once the bowl starts to look ugly.
    It's a lot harder at school because it smells and you've got to be kind of ninja-like with anything weed related around the dorms, so maybe once a month? I have my bowl in my desk now, but I mainly smoke out of my good buddy's bubbler (I broke mine a couple weeks ago :() or we roll. I probably should clean my spoon out, though, because it hasn't been used for close to a two weeks and I haven't cleaned it in almost a month...

    I can't wait to move off campus and just have my pieces laying around my house. It's going to be a ritual - each room is going to have its own designated piece and, each room you enter, you must take a hit from said piece.
    I can see it now :D

    You've only used it a couple times, though, right?
    You're probably better off just buying a new spoon, haha.

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