How often do you clean your piece?

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  1. I clean piece every Friday, because I like the fresh pure taste. Plus it's cleanest on the weekend. Bongs are a whole other story, I don't clean them as often. I am a regular toker and I enjoy clean pieces. How often do you clean your pieces?Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  2. Every other use, if I smoke more than 5 bowls in one sitting Ill clean it right after. Love to taste pure bud. Res on the pipe is terrible for you, and tastes terrible as well.Sent from my SPH-D710 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  3. Soap and water after every sesh. iSO and salt every 3-4 seshes. I'm obsessed with having a clean pipe, I can't stand resin making my hits taste like garbage
  4. I don't clean my dry pieces nearly as often as I should. I have a fumed spoon I've never cleaned because I don't want the color to fade. But I probably should. :/Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
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  5. Mines the same, but i finally just dumped it in a bag of alcohol and salt haha
  6. Acetone once every couple months. It does a better quicker job than iso and salt. I don't like to do pieces too often cause I like how the res helps hold the bud in place in the bowl. It also makes smoking out of a clean piece that much better because it doesn't happen often :p
  7. but its so fun to watch them transform again!
  8. I wish I had more time to clean my pieces, I only get to do it every two weeks. But last time I had some fun with it. So I created a little thing to help people with cleaning and If anyone is looking for and easier way here's 8 Easy Steps To Cleaning Your Piece
  9. Once every 1-2 weeks, generally. Depends on how many pieces I use and how much I've used them. 
  10. Clean my piece every day...but its that area between the ballsack and the thigh that requires the most attention...WHY does it get so greasy down there ? Its like someone left some tater tots there or something sometimes....damn.
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  11. I clean my bong about every 10 uses
    And my bowls about every 50.

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  12. Shit you all make me feel scummy..I clean them whenever. Some are nasty black, some still cleanish. Depends on when I GEF he cleaning stuff out. I usually do all the non bongs in a row. I hate mg per h a high to clean. Will never get one of those again
  13. Once a day before I smoke to take it back to clean and shiny.  By the time I go to sleep at night my bong is more often than not dark with resin... 2 or more people taking 5 or more bowls a day can really muck it up quick.  I have always cleaned my pieces very often but now if I don't I get a raspy cough and start spitting double the browns 
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    Generally rotate between 3 bongs and 2 rigs each week.  Bongs get clean once/week and rigs about every 3 weeks since I don't smoke much wax.
    Slides/bowls get cleaned daily.
  15. My dry pipes, i dont even bother cleaning them, they're cheap and easily replaced, i like chillums, they have nice ones for under 10 bucks at decent headshops and I can really taste the weed.
    My bong gets cleaned daily, easier to clean it when it's not that dirty yet, i dont even need any iso or anything because the resin hasn't a grip on the glass yet, hot water rinses it off easily and what doesn't gets the sharpened wooden stic, usually the slide.
  16. I clean my brass dry piece about every 2 days, it's used each night
  17. I definitely don't clean out my piece unless I want to harvest resin when I'm hitting the hard dry days. 
  18. Even though it is a tedious process, I clean my bong every couple of days, and just recently I cleaned my hand pipe, which was difficult, but well worth it. 
  19. I dont clean much ither. When i run outta weed i will scrape bowlheads but i dont have a place to do all the cleaning...
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  20. I had a friend who used to smoke out of a pipe until the resin completely clogged it and he would walk outside and just break it, only being 10-15 dollar pieces he didnt really care. It varies upon the color, color changing or nah, and bowl for me. Bongs definitely get cleaned whenever anything starts to build esp with percs, but rigs i love to let build reclaim for a while. I got a clear and fumed sherlock that i love watching get dirty, but it tastes like ass after a week of having color change

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