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how often do you clean your bong

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by mobious_1, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. for me its when my stem is all black and sticky or my bong water is brown black or green
  2. After every session.

    EDIT: I mean, seriously, do you keep eating off the same dirty plate until it's so crusted with old dried up rotting food that you HAVE to clean it?
  3. clean at ur bong at least once a week or starts to reek
  4. whenever i feel like it really theres no set time sometimes i clean after just 1 sesh sometimes after a week or so
  5. i change my water everyday and depending on how much i smoked out of it i clean it about every 1-2 weeks.
  6. i clean my bong every morning before i take my wake and bake triangle swat then if needed later in the day i will clean again i dont like seeing brown...otherwise id buy regs.. lol
  7. My friends never cleaned his and hes had it like 4 months
  8. I change the water after every session, or at least before the next one. I don't have any real set time that I thoroughly clean it. Just whenever I feel like it.
  9. I clean it after every time I use it. Honestly. Why not take 3 minutes to clean something , so it can be great and taste amazing when if you don't clean it often it takes so much longer to clean?
  10. Every day.
  11. I change water/ice every time I smoke but I usually only clean it every other day.
  12. at least once a week but i try to right after i finish my session. just get some purple power cleaner and its done.
  13. I let it get pretty gross before I clean it, but it never gets out of hand. As soon as I start coughing from the resin buildup, I clean it.

    The best method of bong cleaning: 2/3 cup isopropyl alcohol, 4 tbps table salt.. Shake, rinse, repeat if necessary. The salt will actually scrape the resin off the sides so you will have to shake rather vigorously. I leave the female piece in so it gets cleaned at the same time, just hold your finger over the hole. If you're feeling adventurous, rinse the bong with hot hot water prior to the alcohol rinse to loosen the resin and make it even easier =)

    Happy bong cleaning :hello:
  14. Definitely use fresh water on every bowl i pack. Probably clean my piece approx. 1 time/week
  15. Good call. A lot of people don't realize that the water loses its efficacy as a filtering medium very quickly. If it's getting at all brown it's not doing it's job well anymore.
  16. Every day in the morning before I brush my teeth, lol
  17. after every session, i take cotton swabs and hot water and just get the resen out of the slide before it cakes on there
  18. x2
    As soon as its smoked out of its cleaned then packed again i can not stand dirty peices
  19. Before my binger broke that thing got cleaned after every session, shit sometimes I would clean it for shits n giggles. Right now I'm with my pipe that just got cleaned maybe 15 minutes ago.

    I think oldskoolgrower said it best:

    "I mean, seriously, do you keep eating off the same dirty plate until it's so crusted with old dried up rotting food that you HAVE to clean it?"
  20. after every session. right when ur done smoking, take a whiff of the bong water. itll make you want to clean it every time you finish

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