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How often do you clean your Bong/Pipe?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by eleven357, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. I was just curious how often everyone cleaned their pieces. I have been cleaning my RooR out every 3rd or 4th session. Is this too often? What do you think?
  2. on my glass pipes I never clean the whole thing just the bowl I let the resin build up as for my bong I clean it once or twice a month but change water every time I use it
  3. I love smoking out of clean pipes/bongs. If I could smoke out of a newly cleaned piece every time I would. Just too time consuming. Clean pieces just taste better to me. So I guess to answer your question, I clean my pieces whenever they develop a thin film of resin.

  4. Which happens very quickly when smoking quality dank or hash.
  5. I'm a once or twice a week toker and I only regularly use 2 of my pipes so once a month is enough for me.
  6. Once a week
  7. i clean when im outa weed.. damn i suck huh?
  8. I clean my bubbler daily, most of the time twice a day.

    My bong i almost never clean, because i almost never use ;)
  9. once every week for the bong.

    funny story bout resin tho, i had a stem that i used for along ass time, and my buddy broke it, and when u looked at the inside there was like a 1/4-1/2 inch of pure black resin haha it was intense
  10. Whenever I look at her and say "Daaaamn girl, you dirty!" ;)
  11. You can never clean your piece enough, I usually clean mine once a week but have been becoming more lazy as of late. Think I'll go clean my bong right now:hello:
  12. about once a week, but depends on how much I've been smoking. If I'm gonna smoke some real good shit too I'll clean it beforehand.
  13. I clean my stuff every week or so, otherwise it gets real nasty.

    I soak my glass in isopropyl alcohol overnight, then shake the shit out of it. Then I dump out the brown chunky alcohol and run hot water through the piece, then finish up by soaking Q-tips in alcohol and wiping th einside as best I can.
  14. I only clean my pieces when they get so clogged with resin the damn smoke can't get through anymore.
  15. i have a bong with a perc in the tube and that gets real dirty real quick. i clean my bong about every three sessions. the pipe gets cleaned whenever i get some real nice strain and i want to enjoy it to the fullest. honestly hitting some quality herb through clean glass is the best way to appreciate all it can offer. also it makes my experience just seem so much more civilized to me in a way, like shit you dont eat on dirty plates right? i suppose if your more economical and want to save your resin you can, also i like the smell of the glass cleaner i use (bling).
  16. I clean my daily driver out every night. It's gotta perc, and splashguard and I find with them it's likely to build up in those areas heavier then others, and without regular cleanings it's very hard to get those areas spotless again without a really long thorough soaking and cleaning... With daily cleanings it's just a matter of pouring some iso in and shaking it up to keep them looking like new..

    At the end of every night I at least spray really hot water through the bong with the sprayer on the sink. If you have good pressure and hot water just doing that will keep it clean a lot longer, and make cleaning a lot easier. Every other day or so when I see it building in the bowl piece/stem I'll heat up a lil iso and fully clean the piece..
  17. I rotate my 2 tubes every day, by the end of the night i'll give them an iso+salt bath so they will be clean for the next day of use.

  18. That seems to be the best method. Instead of using salt lately, I have been pouring very hot water into it to help it loosen the resin from the glass. That way after it soaks in the hot water for 5-10 min, just pouring iso alcohol into the bong and shaking it a few times gets everything clean.
  19. I've only cleaned my pipe once since I got it. It needs another cleaning. I'll probably get on that after I smoke my last bowl tomorrow.

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