How often do you check your speedometer?

Discussion in 'General' started by Sunn, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. Whenever I'm driving i'm always checking it every few seconds...and i feel like this is waaay more than most people do. but i was always extremely cautious when i was learning so i was always looking so that's just the way i do it now. i got worried if i don't look at it for like more than 10 seconds lol.
  2. i spend more than half my time driving looking at the speedometer. You're not the only one.
  3. usually just go with the flow of traffic so Im not that OCD about it
  4. I check it that much too. I also feel like its not normal, but I don't wanna get pulled over by the fuckin cops. So I don't mind.
  5. i can usually judge what speed i'm going...but if theres a sudden drop in speed limit i'll look
  6. I have an electronic speedometer, at the top, so it's easily seen.

    How Honda wanted it I guess.
  7. I constantly know what speed I'm going, but not because of cops..I just like to know.
  8. flow of traffic and cruise control keep me pretty under control lol
  9. i rarely check. and when i do im always 10 mph over, but fuck it
  10. Like others have said i go with the flow of traffic, also i have been driving for a while and it's fairly easy to tell if your going to fast just by looking in front of you.

    I check it every maybe 30 40 seconds.
  11. yeah i mean i can judge how fast i'm going pretty well, especially since i check my speed so often so i know what each speed looks/feels like. but i can never be sure that way. even in the flow of traffic i check all the time because the cops couldn't give 2 fucks what speed traffic is going if you're speeding.

    cruise control is good too but i feel like it's boring then lol.

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