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How often do you check your grow? Automated systems?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by Iron Eddie, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Going from cabinets to a room has me concerned about things going wrong when I'm at work or away for a day here and there. Losing a cabinet grow is no big deal but losing a room is another story.

    I saw that some companies sell systems that will text you if you have something going wrong in your grow. I don't have any sensors or controllers so those I need to purchase regardless of the system I use.

    Anyone use one of these systems?
  2. Crickets???
  3. I have never heard of a system that will text you if something goes wrong... pretty sick though
  4. Do you have access to a computer at work? I was just watching the Office and Angela had a constant live stream of her cats on her computer. I don't see why you couldn't do something similar with your grow room.
  5. i saw those texty thingamajiggers in a sunlight supply co wholesale catalog, shit was like 799.99, if it was cheaper thad be sick
  6. hm. I use a wireless weather station for temps and humidity. it doesn't text me or anything but atleast I've got a little monitor thingy that'll tell me whatever I need to know at any given time :)

    wont help you when you're at work but sure is nice to have at home
  7. The one that texts you is for the iphone....or at late last time I looked into them,3K

    I'll get a link when I get to my computer
  8. I'm currently building an almost-automated system for growing, and when I'm finished, I'll be able to check on my plants from my phone. Its amazing what you can DIY with a little bit of electronics and computer programming knowledge.

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