How often do you change your HPS bulb?

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  1. Hello all! I have looked and looked and can't find a definitive answer. From your experience, how often do you change your HPS bulbs?

    I have used the same bulb for 2 grows. It was a cheap Plantmax bulb. I run small grows. (4-6 soil plants in a tent with CO2) Is there a decent return on investment in a better bulb?

    Hortilux is $100+ :(

    The 400W Sylvania bulb at Home Depot is $18. :D

    Any advice would help. I'm going to buy another bulb. You almost always get what you pay for. Is it true here?

    Thanks in advance!

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    My 600w bulb was replaced 8 years ago, when I dropped it...Bah!!! I still feel the pain, since then I carry 1 spare, as theres is very little on particular bulbs, I intend to try as makes as I can, but prefer Philips son-T.
    I always wipe mine, after adjusting it, with a rag and alcohol, removes sticky finger prints, always worth worshiping thy bulb

  3. so true. [​IMG]
  4. I change all of my bulbs once a year. Jan 2nd is my date. I run my 600's at 12/12 all year and my T5 20 hours per day all year.

    Three bulbs go for 300 + 110 for my T5 lights so 410 a year. You can give one friend a deal 2 ounces for 400, then 10 out of my pocket. Do this once a year and your fine.

    When I first started I used 400w home depot bulbs, now I use Hortilux bulbs I can say that I noticed an improvement in trichome development once I switched.
  5. General recco is to replace when the bulb has been used for half it's rated life.

    Cheaper bulbs can be fine, check the spectrum.

  6. Ya I agree with toasty...

    I use the Plantmax HPS Bulbs and replace every grow...

    250w = $15.96
    400w = $13.95
    600w = $29.95
    1000w = $29.95

    I use the 600w lamps, and for only 30 bucks per grow, it's worth it to me personally to get a fresh bulb every grow...

    For my MH bulbs, I get them from Sears...
    iPower Metal Halide Bulb and again, for $25 bucks, I replace every grow...

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