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How often do you change your bong water?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ddog7x, Aug 20, 2011.

  1. I dump mine out after every single use and I rinse the bong, slide, and bowl with cold water after every use.
  2. That is the correct way.
  3. Your doing it right brotha, I dump mine out every sesh, then rinse it with water, and usually every 3-5 I give it a wash with 50% isoprophyl alcohol and sea salt. And it was only a 90$ piece ahah, I figure you might as well clean it every once in a while instead of letting it build up then having a hard time.
  4. I mean to clean it after using it but sometimes im just to high and or I dont want to wait and just toke.
  5. After every use I usually just rinse it off with water. About every week I clean it nice and good with ISO and salt.

    Anyone know other way of cleaning? My friend said something but i forget what it was called. Its made just for glass and is found at home depot. He said it comes in a giant tin like paint thinner. Anyone know what it is called? Grunge off?
  6. when it gets dirty


    lol. seriously i really change the water once it starts to get dirty...could be after 1 session or 2 or so...matters how much gets put through the water..if the water is still clear or clear-ish then i'll let it ride...when i change the water i also clean it down with water and such.

    i use iso probably once a week or so to clean it out. mine was only $25 though so no babying it. ;)
  7. After every session. Just seems logical. I try and clean it once or twice a week :)

    $60 Bubbler
  8. I usually change the water and rinse every time use it and I clean it with iso and salt once a day. usually before my after dinner smoke. Nothing like a 100% clean bong to start the night right.

    I have a true glass bong. $200 with the slide I use daily.
  9. Glad to see all the blades change their bong's water right after! Just goes to show your not lazy! There is no reason to keep shitty old used water in there, it's actually disgusting! I know people who haven't changed their water for like months!
  10. Lucky if I clean it once a month, but I usually just change the water out of my bong after it gets brownish.
    50$ piece.
  11. Yeah I do the same thing
  12. Why not just change it every time and have it not taste like shit?

    Hope you're trolling.
  13. First time I've ever heard that.
    everybody is always such a pussy about it.
    I'm always like "you wanna get high don't you?"
    They always hit it. :D
  14. I just got an EGI glass tube that is fucking spot on. The diffusor comes out easily and it's a breeze to clean. I usually clean it about every 5 days and change the water daily. This thing is the shit to clean though, literally takes me about 60 seconds of a tiny bit of rock salt and some alcohol.
  15. everyday

  16. after evey use. or before the next one. I never the same water for seesions.
  17. #19 oceansgreen, Aug 20, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 20, 2011
    i AT THE VERY LEAST will empty mine out after each use and will dump the bowl
    soemtimes will scrape the bowl a lil bit jsut to leave it a bit cleaner
    but otherwise i dump it everytime

    and i don't know a bout you guys, but i went to someone else house to toke up last weekend, and he had his bong just sitting there with old water in it.... BOTHERED ME SO FUCKING MUCH!

    fortunately he got me some new water and ice
    although i did feel REALLY bad when i accidently broke one of the big rules of bong use- i blew his bowl out:(
  18. Dude my neighbor, the second time I smoked with him at his house, he has a roor like my EGI, holy shit the water was just like brown/gray. It was so disgusting, he asked if I wanted to smoke and I asked him if we could change the water haha.

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