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How often do you change your bong water?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by The Stoned Jedi, Sep 3, 2010.

  1. I just curious how often other people change there bong water, i personally change mine about once a week.
  2. SEARCH BUTTON!!!! but i change it when i feel that its time for a change hahaha
  3. I change my bong water when the color starts to tint yellow. Or when the taste starts to be off. But I usually clean my bong and change the water at the same time because I love the taste of cannabis.
  4. after every sesh man. keep it fresh ya!!!!! :hello:

  5. i did search, and it came back with nothing.
  6. every day. i just like my water nice and fresh as well as chilled. :hippie:
  7. I change it after every sesh

    gotta try and keep my bong smelling somewhat clean
  8. Multiple times during a sesh. I use a straight tube so it only takes one of two hits to dirty the water enough for me to want to change it.
  9. After every sesh, so usually multiple times a day. The water for my bong gets dirty very quick. I guess it's time to invest in an ashcatcher.
  10. After I'm done smoking I pour it out and I just refil the next time I want to smoke. For the water in my ashcatcher I change it after every bowl because it tends to get pretty grimy pretty fast. :smoking:
  11. Everytime.
  12. :eek:...your suppossed to change it:eek:

    i Filled mine in 1985.. guess i need a lil freshing up..:p

  13. HAHA owned. But yeah seriously, after every session. Who wants nasty ass bong water? It's not like you're going to drink it later. Think about it like this, the dirtier your water gets, the less of a filter it is for the smoke, meaning the smoke will be harsher.
  14. when it doesn't look like water anynmore is usually when i change it..
  15. I have to change it before every session and i usually empty it out after every one unless i plan on using it more later. Also i have to clean it every time it starts getting dirty. Keeping my bong looking brand new is important to me
  16. I usually change the water in my tube once a week or so, but it usually takes about that long for it to start looking dirty, or even slightly colored. The water in my ashcatcher, though...that's a different story. I change that pretty much daily, because by the end of the day it's usually brown and saturated with little black bits of residue. :bongin:
  17. Change the water every bowl and clean the bong every day if you want to enjoy the pure pleasure of smoking good buds. Nothing worse than a person handing you a bong so dirty you can't even see through the glass and reeking with stale bong water.
  18. LOL! Ashcatcher water get's dirty even faster!
  19. I actually clean my bong in between uses. Even if I use it 5 times a day. Clean, fresh, cold water is always so much more enjoyable than the smell of wet resin. :D

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