How Often Do You Change Your Bong Water?

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  1. I put in new water every smoke sesh, even change it between bowl packs sometimes.
    What's the point of leaving the water in there?
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    Only point is people are gross and lazy, lol.
    I'm with you man, change mine every 'sesh'. I give it a rinse as well, before I put fresh water in, for next sesh.
  3. Yep, i cant stand a dirty bong. The other day we smoked all day, from 10:30 in the morning to 2:30 at night. Changed the water about 3-4 times

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  4. Every use my friend
  5. Once everyday and I have probably 3-4 sessions throughout
  6. Wow, I probably haven't changed mine in like 2 weeks. Not that I smoke everyday or anything, but still, it's pretty bad :laughing:
  7. I change it every use, and clean it every few days. Otherwise theres no flavor. ive seen people take fat rips out of bongs black with resin and week old water and it makes me wanto puke/ bitch at them for bieng disgusting lol
  8. I usually change it one-two times per day. Clean it about every other just to try and keep some of the gunk from building up.
    I've recently started using hot water as a suggestion from someone on this forum, that requires you to change it every use. Not a bad way to be in my opinion.
  9. People that don't change it without reason are nasty. You need pure water for a reason, not brown resin cereal(scooby snacks). I thoroughly rinse my bong after every session, there is no excuse for not changing it.
  10. i should change it more often, but i would say every 3-5 gonna start changing it everyday on my next pick up, pieces are soaking away.
  11. Not often enough- the carbon filter helps a lot but I don't think it'll prevent those hard water stains.
  12. Every sess if you can help it..once i tried to see how nasty i could make the water lol. I used it all day for a week. It got so nasty that the hits would make be sick and when i poured it out it looked like motor oil after like 20,000 miles haha. So dont be lazy, just change it out frequently.
  13. Every couple years or so

  14. Since I'm almost exclusively vaping or dabbing now, I change my water about once a week or so. The water never gets dirty, it just develops an odd taste after too long, so I change it before that happens.
  15. every 2 bowls. so that could be up to 3 times per sesh. ive always thought smoking with dirty bong water tastes like ass.
  16. I just wanna say that I used to get lazy and put it away with the water inside a lot and I wouldnt replace everyday maybe like a couple days or week.
    But anyway I tried to clean my piece oneday and a bunch of very little unnoticable specs of salt have gotten stuck to the location in my piece where the water stays, I think the nasty water made that area a little sticky and idk nothing got it out, but when I added more salt and alcohol to see if I needed to clean it more, it didnt get worse or better. Just lookin out for a nig ;)
  17. I try to use pure spring water from the store in my bong and bubbler, and I change after every couple of hits or so. That being said, my sessions only last about 30-60 minutes each since I usually smoke at night. Also, boiling any glass piece you have (pipe, bong, bubbler, etc.) will clear the resin. So in summary, my advice is to clean when it looks dirty and change the water frequently.

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  18. After every use.
    I gotta conceal it, it's not easy with water.
  19. I change the water with every sesh. I think it would be gross not to.
  20. My buddy used to save the water with bits of weed and strain it through a coffee filter and smoke the bits of weed he caught Lmao i change my water daily

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