How often do you brush your teeth?

Discussion in 'General' started by chux, Sep 5, 2013.

  1. Brushing my teeth makes me feel good, so i do it 3-4 times a day. How often do you brush yer teeth?
  2. Twice a day when I remember. Even that is overkill. Over brushing can wear your enamel down faster. 
  3. Your gums probably hurting. But hey, if it feels good, do as you please my man.

    Once in the morning, once at night.

    Seems to be working
  4. Three to four times a day if I can 
  5. I brush my toof once a week
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    Typically just once in the morning, unless I'm going out at night then twice.  Cavity free for 31 years so I'll stick to what's working.
  7. after every meal and after i smoke
  8. who the fuck cares ...
  9. oh shit..
  10. Did you really click on this thread just to say that?
  11. I brush twice a day, in the morning and before i go to bed
  12. Once in the morning once at night if I remember
    Obviously you dont
  13. Honestly.... Just when I go out.
  14. Being on the computer more seems to make me lazy and braindead so as long as I continue on in this state of life on Grasscity and Youtube and Ocarina of Time on Project 64, only when I go out.
  15. once in the morning unless i forget..33yrs and no cavities
  16. This.
  17. No, but when I did click it, it's the first thought that came to mind.
    ^ Hillbilly Bill Murray
  19. Woah, that does look like Bill!
  20. Twice a day. When i was in my young teens I was depressed and didn't care too much about oral hygiene. Gave myself like 3 cavities and 2 were pretty deep nasty shit definitely learned from that.

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