How often do you brush your teeth?

Discussion in 'General' started by atari, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. [quote name='"Rollin Cr00k3d"']

    Notice how you and SniperKitty are the only ones saying you clean your teeth an excessive amount every day. Also notice how you are the only two saying you have horrible teeth. This is no coincidence.[/quote]

    It's the damn Flouride that gets ya :(
  2. I almost always brush in the morning, only sometimes at night. Rarely ever floss..

    Dentist always tells me to keep up the good work sooo... :confused_2:

  3. only if you brush hard cus it will weaken your enamel and can give u receding gums.
    brush softly and you should be okay
  4. I never floss, but I have used a Sonicare for about 10 years now :cool:

  5. 3 times a day should be up there, you are supposed to brush when you get up after all meals and before we have our rest period.
  6. There's tons of good bacteria that you kill when you brush, your teeth will defend them selves if you don't over brush..... or over do the candy haha
  7. I always do before I go to bed .

    But , unless I'm chilling with a girl , most of the time I forget in the morning before i leave my house , usually just use some mouth wash or pop a piece of gum .
  8. Twice.


    I floss like 5-6 times a day though.
  9. Theres no reason to brush your teeth more than once a week. You guys think people in the middle ages and shit had tooth brushes? No, and their teeth were probably fine!
  10. Depends, sometimes once sometimes twice.

    If I go to bed late, its once.

    If I go in time, I'll do it a second time.
  11. I brush two/three times and floss once or twice a day.

  12. I fealt like I was just brushing after meals and my half gals of soda 2 times a day lol but your prolly on to someting:eek:

    the SK connectyon Damn, naw, hadnt noticed that, I just dont wnana be the dude in like 10 years with methmouff without well, ever smoking that shit lol.

    Watchaaa think I should do? Im really not wanting to well ya know...:rolleyes: look like a tweaker when I smileez:D
  13. the whole shebang everyday and night,
    that includes flossing.

  14. Pretty simple, stop brushing that often. Twice a day is perfect for most people. If you constantly drink soda, your teeth are going to become discolored and decay no matter how many times you brush. If you drink it because you like the carbonation, drink carbonated water flavored with fruits, it should help ween you off of soda.
  15. I started smoking again. Brush my teeth after a cig break. Shit smells bad.
  16. I brush twice a day, having yellow teeth is a huge turnoff.

    I smoke and still have nice teeth thankfully.

  17. Dude! your not supposed to brush that much! and never directly after meals or sodas! that will help the corrosion..your supposed to let your saliva dissolve the particles or else your just grinding them against your teeth...
  18. I usually brush one to two times a day.
    But like some one else mentioned, sometimes more if I eat big meal or something. If I go to the bathroom and see a bunch of gunk stuck in my teeth I have to do something about it lol

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