How often do you brush your teeth?

Discussion in 'General' started by atari, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. be honest. personally, a lot of the days i just forget. even still, i have never had a cavity in my life and i have perfect and white teeth, when sometimes i will go like a week without brushing them, and my breath has never been super horrible.

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  2. LOL to poll! :)

    twice a day sometimes 3... no excusing dental hygine and your breath stinks bro! You just dont know it... just been in a office with a guy, fucking stinks of BO, has done for over a week now. He is well turned out, always does his hair and has nice threads, no way does he know he fucking hum's man.... but he does!... just like you when you dont brush for a week...
  3. IMO if you don't brush twice a day your just gross lol.

  4. 2
    3 days....find a toothbrush
    A week?! better be in the middle of the Gobi desert

    I have to brush my teeth in 7/11's and restaurants, and I still manage to keep it 2 days max at the most
  5. When I'm realll medicated Iv been known to brush my teeth for 6 minutes or more. Just so relaxing and feels bomb lol.
  6. Yeah, shoulda had a 4-5 times a day option lol, dunno how but my teeth are fucked in some spots. TOOO mannny damned sodas!

  7. 5 times a day? Shit man how do you find time to do anything?
  8. I go the dentist every 5 years. Just went a few months ago. Still no cavities and I'll be 30 years old this October :D

    Proper diet attributes to your dental health more than anything. There are indigenous populations of human beings who live on a raw/whole foods diet with little sugar intake, who exhibit less than 1% of tooth decay, and have never even seen or used a toothbrush :smoking:

  9. Im reallly burshing em after sweets, meals and my giant 64oz sodas.

    morning, 2 sodas a day normally, thats three brushes, after a snack, and after dinner/ before bed. sos yeah 4 or 5 but i only I brush for like 90 seconds each time.:eek:

    Trust me, sodas and shit will rape and pillage your teeth.:(
  10. 2 times a day, everyday , for as long as I can remember. Tooth decay hurts, brushing your teeth saves you the pain!
  11. I brush twice a day and use mouthwash twice a day, if you don't brush atleast twice a day that's fucking gross

  12. I can tell you brushing your teeth that many times a day is horrible for your teeth.
  13. At least 3 times a day, brush, floss, and mouthwash. But I still get cavities all the time. I have deep crevises in my teeth and its impossible to clean them enough my dentist says. I have to go for a cleaning 4 times a year but that still doesn't help.

    Ive got my dad's teeth unfortunately... but hey my mom has bad gums and lost all her teeth at 16 now she has bridges and everything so it could be worse.. but luckily I got her beautiful straight white teeth and nice smile despite being prone to cavities :D
  14. I would rather smoke a bowl for 2 minutes then brush my teeth
  15. Once in the morning and right before I go to bed. The real question is how many times do you Floss?:D
  16. I brush every morning and on most nights. The only nights I don't are when I'm all fucked up and pass out.
  17. Every morning.

    I chew a lot of gum all day so I don't usually brush at night, just use mouthwash.
  18. Damn OP a whole week ? That's rough haha I try to make it twice a day, sometimes I'm lazy at night though. Need to get better at flossing every night though, really helps

  19. Yeah, was starting to think i could maybe be that way, I guess im OCD, Always had nightmares about all of my teeth fallin out:eek:

  20. Notice how you and SniperKitty are the only ones saying you clean your teeth an excessive amount every day. Also notice how you are the only two saying you have horrible teeth. This is no coincidence.

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